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Aug 11, 2010

    1. on july 18th, user "Suisho" send me a message asking if i was willing to trade my
      Doll zone lotus , with her D.O.D. arie
      i agreed,
      and after sending pictures, and chatting about detailas for a few days
      I sent lotus out (to spain) on july 26th , ans Suisho says she did to.

      i have my reciept as proof that i sent her,
      along with the tracking number ,which says lotus arived to her on july 30th

      her doll, arie, should have arived at my house by now.

      Shuisho has not given me the tracking number yet because she hasnt been online since 8/5
    2. Suisho was last on the forum 5AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. sertainly, and if you need me to email you a picture of the reciept or give you the tracking number for lotus, i will do so.
    4. She had a sells thread for arie
      so i really do think that she would go through with this.
      i just need proof that it sent since it hasnt arived
    5. I sent her an email today through her profile i will let you know if she responds
    6. she still hasnt replied. is their any way i can contact her?
    7. I have never made a deal with this person but I hope this is useful: Suisho is the same person as Miku_Doll, who is banned from DOA because of bad transactions and is also banned from almost or all spanish BJD forums.
    8. In spanishs forums, also she is banned for the same. Her nick was Miku_Suishô, Mikuchan... etc.

      She says that she has problems always, and his mother, because she is a minor, is informed what she did in the Spanish forums, but even it owes money to many people.
    9. Miku_Suishô, Mikuchan... she has a long, LONG "criminal" file in all spanish forums. Beware with her!
    10. I'm sorry for this bad news, but like they've told you; Miku_Suishô was banned of all spanish forum like bbs dreams or bjdoll
      It's not sure that she'd be de same but... with suisho nick it seems... I hope it'll be solved soon
    11. It is so very unfortunate that this amount of DoA members knew that Miku_Doll was banned for problem transactions in our Marketplace and returned under this new member name and yet never alerted the mod team. Reports can be kept anonymous.
    12. Well, we didn't know she had registered with another nickname until we have seen this thread, DOA is way too big to be aware of every member :/
    13. That was the assumption of the mods. :) Thank you for bringing it to our attention.
    14. so.... is their anything i can do?
      thankyou for atleast giving me closure.............
    15. this sucks.....................
    16. is their any way i could contact her mother????? anything?????
    17. Well, maybe some of you (who have 'known' her for so long) can remember her actual name and track her on Tuenti? It's like a Spanish-only Facebook and she could probably be there.

      I'm really sorry to read this kind of stuff - We Spanish girls will end up having a dreadful reputation just because of some lame individuals.

      Best wishes, ok? :chocoberry
    18. I have to say I did report her last trade thread when I saw it at the Marketplace, because I had reasons to believe the user was Miku_suisho; besides I warned about the doll she wanted to trade being in a bad condition, which couldn´t be very noticeable because of the too much blurry pictures.
      But now I see nobody took notice of my report :/
    19. Mods, I do apologize for posting here, but perhaps in light of these events, maybe it would be wise to talk amongst yourselves about doing something similar to The Joint where most of the forum is hidden until you post your introduction thread? It could possibly help people recognize scammers that make it onto (or back onto) this forum and somehow manage to bypass you.

      Just a suggestion.