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Aug 1, 2011

    1. I really don't want to have to do this, but feel very upset and that I am being taken advantage of. Susy in Ontario PMd me back in May about a clothing commission. I agreed to make her the corset and bloomers set she requested and told her I would finish it in mid to late June due to my work schedule. We PMd each other throughout with discussions about fabric options and the like, and I finished her outfit on June 26 and sent photos.

      She then asked for several changes, including making a completely new set of bloomers. I was leaving to fly across the country to visit family on July 1, so I worked like a madwoman to finish her changes so as to get the outfit mailed to her before I left. I sent her pics of the new changes June 29. She said she was happy with them and agreed to pay by an e-check. Since I would be out of town when the e-check cleared, I told her I would mail her outfit when I returned July 10.

      I heard nothing after that-- no payment, no PMs. I then PMd her on July 5 asking about payment. She responded on July 7 stating that due to unexpected car repairs, she was completely broke and could not pay me until then end of the month. I was obviously unhappy about this, but tried to be understanding...I realize that problems do happen! I figured I would wait and be paid the end of July as she stated.

      I PMd her again on July 27 reminding her I was still awaiting payment. And again on July 29, and on July 30. I can see she was last on the forum July 30. And what really makes me unhappy is that I discovered from checking her feedback that she somehow managed to pay for 3 other outfits during the month of July....the month when she was so 'broke' she could not honor her earlier commitment to me.

      I invested a great deal of time, effort, and money for fabric and trim into this commission. I would like this resolved as soon as possible and to be paid for my work. Mods, I have kept all pertinent PMs between Susy and me, and I really appreciate your help in this matter. :(
    2. Susy in Ontario was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. She just PMd me and said she would pay. Thanks!
    4. Still waiting for payment to be completed....
    5. E-check sent for remainder of payment. I will let you know once it clears.
    6. do this mean i now have full access to the marketplace again or do i have to wait till the echeck clears first before it can be re-established as full access again.
    7. not sure-- Susy has paid on full, but the second payment (echeck) isn't supposed to clear till the end of the week.
    8. Susy's echeck cleared-- she has paid me in full and all is well. I consider this matter to be favorably resolved. :)