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paging suuchan - RESOLVED

Apr 17, 2009

    1. She is not responding to my PMs and I see her online, there are a few pairs of eyes that were paid for on this bord and it's been a couple months and she has STILL not sent them out :(
    2. Shelly ~ suuchan is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum yesterday. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you Zazagael! I have still not gotten a reply, but hopefully she will respond soon!
    4. She's still active on the forums but will not repsond to polite PMs about the eyes. I just want them sent out :(
    5. She is not being paged so maybe she doesn't realize.
    6. Shelly -- how did you pay for the eyes? If you used your credit card, you might want to contact your company and try to get your money back. If suuchan is on the board and not responding, she's likely choosing to ignore the page and your PMs. Maybe you can send her one more warning and then go about trying to get a refund. :(
    7. She is no longer Being Paged - she has now received an MP suspension.
    8. Innocent, it's too late for a refund through papal, I let too much time go as I was beleiving her when she said she was busy. There was sadly not a credit card transaction, just a regular bank-transfer type :(

      Zagzagael, thank you for your help, though I'd rather have the eyes than her suspended :( I really didn't want it to come to this *sigh* If she DOES ever reply or send the eyes, I will updated immediately!
    9. Shelly ~ suuchan can and certainly should still complete this transaction. "You" did not have her suspended. She has had multiple Paging threads. Best of luck.
    10. Zagzagael: thank you for that, and for all your help! :) I will definitely PM if I hear back from her!
    11. Shelly ~ Has there been any resolution with this yet?
    12. I just got a PM today, I will update more as soon as I hear back! Thank you Zagzagael!
    13. The eyes were received! So all is resolved! I'm not sure how to edit the post...but as soon as I figure out how I will change the subject! THANK YOU! :)