Paging Suuchan - RESOLVED

May 13, 2009

    1. I don't know what to think right now because this has never happened to me before. Suuchan has initiated a chargeback on my Paypal account for the cost of shipping. She participated in my 2nd Fairyland Piggyback, purchasing a Minifee Luka head with default faceup and the body in a split.

      I sent her a shipping invoice for the amount of 7.86 and she sent me the payment on March 16th, 2008. The package was shipped on the 18th and arrived to her on the 19th. ( Proof to this can be seen in this post as well as this post )

      This is also a copy and paste from the USPS website, with the tracking number saying when the package was shipped and delivered:

      At the time, there was an open paging thread concerning her and I wondered why she was able to send the shipping payment and PM me when she didn't seem to be responding to the paging thread.

      It was none of my business and I paid it no mind.

      I did notice that she was posting that she would probably end up selling her Luka shortly after receiving it ( see this post and this post ) and she eventually did, as this feedback post is proof to that.

      What I want to know is why the hell she's started a chargeback against me on the 12th of May for the shipping payment ( stating the the transaction was unauthorized ), when she's already received and sold this doll off to someone else.

      I am terribly upset because I have no idea what this means. I don't want this kind of negativity showing on either of my Paypal accounts so I'd like an explanation as soon as possible.
    2. suuchan has not returned to the forum since 19APR.
    3. I noticed that she disappeared a day after she left feedback for the buyer of the Luka. Which is why it stuns me that she would initiate this chargeback yesterday. But I guess that nothing can be done. I've already sent proof of shipment to Paypal so now I guess I just have to stand by and wait. *sigh* I'm not familiar with these types of situations and I'm really upset and annoyed by this. But since she's obviously avoiding the forum, I suppose that this paging thread was a wasted effort on my end.
    4. To the contrary, factual "feedback" of transactions that occur on DoA are always beneficial! Best of luck with this.
    5. Suuchan happens to be online as we speak, Zagzagael. Does this mean that a Paging status can be initiated now? I know that someone else has an open paging thread for her as well.
    6. I'm not sure what you're talking about. I never issued a chargeback. Forbidden says it's for shipping, which is $7 and change. The chargeback page mentions both the $7+ and an amount for $107.xx. It also mentions a credit card, but I don't own a credit card-just a debit card.

      So the page is reading that the chargeback is a hundred dollars over what I paid, and on a credit card that I don't own. I'm going to call Paypal first thing in the morning, because this seems to be a MASSIVE error.
    7. I keep getting the runaround when I talk to Paypal, but finally got someone to try to look into it. They said it may take a little bit (the impression I got was a few days to a week) but they're going to try to go back and find out everything about this transaction, including why it overcharged and who exactly issued the chargeback.
    8. Was this ever resolved?
    9. Paypal is still disputing the charges on my behalf. The funds have been taken out of my account and are on hold, I suppose, and will be for at least seventy-five days or more apparently. This is the notice I got from them:

      So it's really out of everyone's hands at this time.
    10. I received an email that the chargeback has been settled in my favour and that my funds have been replaced. I don't know why or how this all happened to begin with ( I guess it's just a mystery or some glitch or error, who knows? ), but it's over now and this thread can be locked.