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Paging switch - UNRESOLVED

Nov 19, 2009

    1. This is probably a bit unusual but I've found myself stuck in the middle of a transaction.

      I had placed my Luts Soony on the Marketplace in May. I was contacted in mid-July by switch. She asked for an extended lay away plan (my original post outlined two months) and as I was in no hurry to sell, I agreed. We worked out that she would send me $100 every two weeks, with the total cost of the doll and shipping to be $400.

      She made the initial payment of $100 to secure Soony and things seemed fine. However, her second payment of $100 on August the 13th was the last I have heard from her. I wasn't too worried, she had mentioned being busy in her last PM.

      I sent a PM to her October 1st asking about the next payment. Having checked her post history, I believe she should have recieved the PM as she posted on October 4th.

      I again PMed her on November 17th.

      I've decided to 'sit' on her payment at this point and would gladly refund her; if I can get a working email, her PayPal information has changed and the email address listed does not work.
      I have also attempted to contact her on AIM (she has not been online).
      I can only see snail mail or texting (as her phone number is listed on PayPal) as my options now.

      As for now, I have relisted my doll and will keep her money separate should she return.
    2. Switch was last on the forum 14AUG. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Yuu-chan ~ Any resolution?
    4. Nope, nothing so far.