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Paging tadelica - RESOLVED

Jan 2, 2009

    1. Tadelica, please contact me regarding our transaction. I have PM'd you and emailed you and am hoping this Paging thread will get your attention.

      On 12/19/08 I paid for a doll tadelica was selling. She responded with telling me that she would ship the doll out on 12/20/08 or 12/22/08 and would give me the tracking number. On 12/22/08 I asked if she shipped the doll yet. Tadelica responded on 12/24/08 that her family forgot to ship the doll out and informed me that she would mail the doll after Christmas. This was her last communiation to me. I have since sent her 2 PMs and one email.

      Thank you,
    2. Nicky ~ tadelica is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with Resolution - thanks!
    3. Tadelica, please contact me regarding our transaction. I have PM'd you and emailed you and am hoping this Paging thread will get your full attention.

      Details :

      On 12/28/08 I paid for a doll. The transaction was fast and I paid the same day. Unfortunately since this date I have no replies to my PM and emails. Tadelica never talled me if they received my payment and shipped my doll.

      Thank you.
    4. No replies to PM and emails today !!!
    5. Thank you, Zagzagael, for your assistance. I will update the thread with any new information as it comes up.

      Sorry to hear you've been having problems too, tortuedesmers. I hope she will communicate with us soon and that we get the dolls we paid for.

      I have opened a non-receipt dispute on PayPal. I will escalate it to a claim if I do not hear from tadelica soon.
    6. Nicky I'm so sorry to hear you've been having problems too. I don't think Tadelica will reply so I have opened a non-receipt dispute on PayPal too. I will escalate it today to a claim because I don't want my money lost and don't receive my doll.
      I don't know if you saw that Tadelica opened 4 threads in the market-place, so strange !!!
    7. No replies to PM, emails and Paypal claim today
    8. Hi tortuedesmers,

      Update us if you can about your claim. I hope it's successful! I am going to escalate to a claim myself if I do not hear from tadelica by this week. As much as I want this doll and to be understanding about possible emergencies that might have popped up preventing her from responding to us, I want to protect the sizable funds I have spent for the doll, too.
    9. Nicky, I do not hear from Tadelica about my claim also NO PM and no emails. That's an incredible situation. I think you don't have to wait about this week to open your claim.
    10. Since tadelica continues to be unresponsive, I've decided to go ahead and escalate the dispute into a claim. I'm hoping for the best. I will update again with any new information.
    11. TX Nicky for the update informations. :)
    12. I traded a spot with someone for a split she is hosting, and now i am worried due to her absense. I PMed her a few questions, but she still hasn't been on since Dec 28. I'm hoping nothing serious happened to her.

      However, I don't know if I can file a claim with paypal? I paid the original spliter the money that they paid tadelica, so I never directly paid tadelica... I just paid back the person whose spot I took.

      The doll isn't shipped yet (euclase), but im worried that if I wait too long, I won't be able to do anything about it and I'll be out of money and I won't get my product (Euclase legs).
    13. You're welcome, tortuedesmers ^^ I'm glad you spoke about your concerns in this thread.

      Buboplague, I hope nothing serious happened either. Tadelica has pretty decent feedback and that's why I felt confident buying from her, so I was surprised when she just dropped communication.

      As for your situation, it might be a good idea for you to discuss this with the person who's PayPal account is being used on your behalf. Good luck and please post again when you have updates.
    14. nikittin -- yeah, thats why I felt comfortable switching places in the split, especially since she had good feedback about doll parts specifically, not misc items. Considering her positive feedback and her absence here, I actually do fear something probably happened, if not to her, then a family member. She was very prompt and responsive before she disappeared.

      I PMed the original buyer about it, and hopefully its not too late to file some sort of claim, so I can get the money back, and if tadelica returns, I'll buy the parts that I split for.
    15. I am in that split, too. Since she suddenly vanished, maybe something did happen to her.

      Worrisome :( ...
    16. I do not hear from Tadelica about my Paypal claim also NO PM and no emails.... Did someone has some news ?
    17. No, no responses on my end either. Tadelica still hasn't logged on to DoA since 12/28/08. It's too bad that no one that personally knows her has come forward with news.
    18. Update informations, Tadelica send me a PM to tell me that my boy will be shipped today (01/13/09)
      nikittin - buboplague - strangeangels... Did Tadelica contact you ??
    19. I very sorry for everyone for losing contact so long. Today I've shipped nikittin and another person's AR boy body. Echium will be shipped tomorrow. I just replied all the pm and here is my email in case you can't receive pm: lovedelica @ gmail.com
      The reason for my disappearance is depression and I lost every motivation to do anything. No matter how, this is still my own fault for not informing anyone and went away. I am willing to give a more detailed explain if you'd like to know.
      If anyone is still very worry and wants to withdraw from Euclase's split, I will fully refund you right away.
      I hope we could solve the problem as soon as possible. I'm really sorry for all the frustration I've made and willing to do everything I could do to fix the problem.
    20. Tadelica, thank you for responding to this thread and for answering my PM. I'm sorry to hear about your illness. Please check your PMs again - I've sent you an important question.