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Unresolved Paging takuya - MEMBER MP BANNED

Mar 1, 2010

    1. i really hate to do this and have never imagine i'll be doing this but i've got no choice

      i've commission some clothes from takuya and its already been more than a month since she said she had send it but it hasnt arrive, even the things i order after that has arrived and i've tried contacting her asking her when she send it coz there could be 2 possibility
      1. which is it has been lost in the mail
      2. is that she didnt sent it or she sent it later than she said she did.

      i've been waiting for a week now and have tried pming her twice about it
      not really sure shes replied or got the mail since shes always saying she has some internet problems
      but i really wish to get the clothes
      or at least a reply from her/him
    2. takuya was last on the forum 21FEB. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this updated with resolution.
    3. ok thank you Zagzagael :))
    4. just wanted to keep this updated
      still no signs of her/him or what so ever....
      and i really hope to hear from her/him soon
    5. I commisisoned SD outfit from Takuya about 3 weeks ago, and recived PM on 02-20-2010, 03:21 AM.
      I've almost finished the jeans and the t-shirt is ready. I'm now working on the hoodie. Please expect some photos tonight or tomorrow morning "
      I havend herd from her since.
      I hope she is well..
    6. Mmf, I had to add to this, but I received the following on 2.20, at 6:24AM, and have heard nothing since:

      sorry for not replying sooner; your outfit is in progress, I'm waiting for my order of small buckles to come and the PO hates me obviously, since it should have come last week.
      Please expect some progress photos on Monday morning, though (so long, because I'm waiting for a friend to return my camera ^^; )
      When the small buckles arrive, I'll be able to fully finish the outfit. It won't last long, now, hopefully ^^

      Hoping she's all right!
    7. well she hasnt replied...
      'm not sure if her nets down or not but when i commission she did say something like that quite a few times

      my item has not arrive yet and i'm still waiting
      she did send me 2 or 3 pics of the clothes but not the rest and i really hope she does reply soon
    8. I also commissioned an outfit. She told me it would take 2 weeks and its been over a month. She keeps promising pictures of progress, etc., but I have yet to see anything. I'm getting really frustrated as 1) its taking much longer than she originally stated, 2) she keeps promising pictures by a certain day and I haven't seen anything. If she's having internet problems, she probably shouldn't be taking commissions.
    9. well im starting to worry now, Taku told me that it will take her no longer than a week, and its been more than 3 weeks, she promised pictures, but i havent got any pictures so far. :(
      I just want to be updated.
    10. i havent heard from her too
      wonder what happened T.T

      but seems like i'm the only one so far, that she said shes ship it....
      but well I HAVENT RECEIVE IT AND i'm not sure if she really did ship it or not.....
    11. Kori, maybe you should ask proof of postage? I she doesn't have tracking number, she surely would keep a receipt...? Ofcourse that would work, if she eventually replay...
    12. yeah i hope she does keep the receipt but receipts doesnt say anything does it?
      i've ship lots of things out but they dont say anything in the receipts only how much it cost and the date
    13. And address, you would at least know if it was shipped and when.
    14. Well I haven't heard a dang thing. Did she ask you all to prepay as well? In hindsight, it probably wasn't the best idea. At this point I don't even care what the outfit looks like, I just want something.
    15. i've paid after shes done everything and is ready to send but I TOO HAVENT RECEIVE ANYTHING...
    16. OK, so I'm not very happy right now. on January 20th Takuya said the commission would be done in 2 weeks. Over a month later (2 weeks ago) she promised pictures which I never received. Its been over 2 months. I opened a dispute with PayPal to try and get my money back because it doesn't seem like I'm going to get anything anytime soon. This is the message PayPal gave me: "This dispute closed because it was opened for more than 45 days after the transaction date or did not meet other filing criteria."

      Does that mean she won't be notified of the dispute, or just that PayPal itself won't do anything to help me get my money back?
    17. i'm not sure but well i dont think paypal could do anything apart from notifying her about it and see if she replies

      well now i'm just wondering if her net really has a problem since this has been going on for so long and anyone with a right mind would have gotten it fixed a long time, well who wouldnt expecially if u want to do sell stuff and commission stuff online or at least try her very best to get back to us (be it borrow from a friend or using the comp at work/sch or even i duno)

      but i reallyreally wish to get my things or at least a refund from her
    18. i know what you meen, ther is internet cafe's everywere, and surely she have friends or at least relatives, its hard to belive that they all dont have internet. By the way i payd up front to.
    19. HEY EVERYONE! :sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo::sumomo:
      I opened a dispute on Paypal and today iv got a letter from Takuya :

      I'm takuya of DoA, as you can see by the mail address; I'm writing in regards to the (somewhat rightful) claim on PP.
      I wanted to explain what's happening, just for the calamity of my own mind. Please ignore it if you just don't care for explanations and want your money back.
      First of all, I haven't been able to log into DoA and generally do much on the Internet besides checking my mail (I can't even log into PP to grant you your claim right at this moment), because my Internet connection is... more than bad, and the session ends abruptly every time I try to load anything other than my mail account. That's why, in fact, I was hopefully waiting for people to start making claims, because this way, I would get their mails and shipping addresses, which I can't access via PP nor DoA.
      I've been sickk the past week, but that didn't stop me from finishing all of the comissions. Your has been finished for some time now, but I had no way of uploading photos. So, here's a resolution I offer - I will ship the items (thankfully, PP provided me with your shipping address, but I'll be glad if you confirm it for me) and, upon receiving them, you can take back the claim. I guess that would be the solution best for the both of us.
      If you only want your money back, well, also - tell me, and I'll see if I manage to finally log onto PP and grant your claim, or something (I guess PP grants claims after some time, automatically, if I don't respond? I don't know...)
      Much, much apologies for making you worried. I never meant to scam anybody and still don't mean to!
      PS. Could you be kind enough to let the other people on my commissions list (I would think there is a paging thread already, and they are probably already gathered there) to contact me via this e-mail address? I would need their shipping addresses and DoA nicknames to ship the items I have made. That would be very, very helpful!

      Here is her email : leathercookie@yahoo.com
    20. pinktezka
      thank you i'll send her a mail and let her know about it :)