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Resolved Paging Takuya - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Feb 28, 2009

    1. I bought a BBB NS 42cm Body off Takuya on the 16th of Feb and paid for express shipping. Takuya said the doll would be shipped the next day then I did not hear from her for a bit, I sent her a PM asking where the body was and she replied she "hadn't gotten around to posting it yet" I truly understand people have lives outside of DoA but I bought it and paid for express postage on the understanding it would be shipped by now for a project (commission off DoA) I need to get finished. I am also concerned by feedback left for Takuya by another member who also purchased a BBB NS body (feedback left on the 21/2/09) Takuya only had one listed for sale.

      Takuya please reply to my last message and let me know when you intend to ship the body.
    2. whitewings ~ takuya is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I just dropped by to say I did reply to whitewings with sincere apologies. The body was shipped on Monday and will hopefully reach the buyer quickly~!
    4. Got a PM from Takuya, seems it was just no communication. Hopefully the body will arrive soon. I will post again when it does.
    5. Thursday and still no-body. Were it shipped EXPRESS on Monday it would have been here by now. Will update when it arrives.
    6. Saturdays courier has been and gone. Still no doll. I highly doubt the body was mailed express. Will update when I hear back from Takuya.
    7. Fridays mail has come and gone - no body. I am communicating with Takuya to establish where the body is and the reason for its lengthy delay.
    8. Just for the record:

      For safety's sake and since Takuya hasnt been on since the 8th I lodged a paypal dispute last night for the cost of the doll. I paid for the shipping seperately and dont know if I should lodge a dispute on that also? Suggestions would be appreciated. Takuya has no email link in her Profile so I have no other way of contacting her besides here or paypal.
    9. Forgot to add regarding post #7 I sent n e-mail requesting the receipt from the postage be e-mailed to me to follow up from this end. Takuya has not been on and has not received my PM as far as I am aware.
    10. Takuya has not responded to the information request sent to her by paypal either. If anyone knows her or how to contact her off DoA - I would really appreciate if you could do so - In order to establish that she is safe and well and once that is established to ask her to please contact me.
    11. Bumping for information... does anyone here on DoA have any contact with Takuya outside of the forum?
    12. Body arrived today appallingly packaged. Its just sheer luck is wasnt crushed to bits. Was posted on the 13th via regular airmail. Will upload photos. A letter was included from Takuya with a lengthy explanation about the issues with it being express posted etc... Having read her feedback thread either she has very bad luck with the postal system or she isnt posting when she says she is. Also Takuya is claiming she has no internet access. Please leave this thread up untill I receive a partial refund for the express postage costs.
    13. edit: to clarify I mean my previous post she has always shipped on time however I seriously doubt the excuse that Polish Post simply left a parcel marked express lying on a bench and that it was not posted when it was claimed originally.
    14. I have still not heard from Takuya and I am unable to add my pictures because of an issue with my Photobucket account but I would like to close this thread and leave these notes for future reference for other buyers:

      1. I paid for express postage for a BBB body on the 16th of February. The body arrived via regular airmail on the 19th of March poorly packaged in a plastic shopping bag and a paded envelope which had been ripped by the uncovered 's' hook.

      2. I have had no correspondence from Takuya from the 8th of March and she did not reply to any of the messages from paypal. This may be because she was unable to get internet access. I will resolve the communication issue privately with Takuya. I am the second member on DoA to have been left without communication in a transaction with Takuya.

      3. I would not discourage anyone from buying from Takuya, only advise them to be aware there may be serious issues with the postal system in Poland - at the very least the particular office she was posting from in Warsaw and there is the possibility of a lengthy delay as has been in this case. If what was written in the note is factual the postal workers neglected to post a parcel clearly marked express.

      4. The beginning of the transaction was great, she is a very polite lady and eager to be helpful I sincerely hope this is last issue she has with the postal system and that she resolves her issues with her internet access as she was unable to reply to my messages or the e-mails from paypal.

      5. Paypal is refunding the postage costs to me as a result of her not replying to their messages and any further correspondance will be in private when I am able to make contact with her in the future.

      I wish Takuya every success in any future transactions on DoA and feel saddened that if the circumstances of the delay were as she described, that she has had so much bad luck in one go.

      Mods this is resolved please close the thread.