Resolved Paging takuya

Nov 2, 2009

    1. I hate to do this but I'm honestly getting worried about's been nearly seven weeks since I last heard from her regarding the cargo pants I was promised.

      Here's the story: on August 30th, takuya responded to an emergency commission request for some doll clothes for my boy. Everything went smoothly and she was wonderful to deal with, but she told me she was not pleased with how a pair of cargo pants turned out and offered to either refund me the cost of them or simply make me a new pair and mail them to me after I finished moving overseas and had my ned address available:
      Because I wanted the pants and liked her work, we agreed that she would mail me the pants later on September 11th. When I got my new address I immediately let takuya know and she replied promptly on the 19th:

      September 19th was the last time I heard from her. On October 14th I sent her this PM to check on the status of the pants:
      When I hadn't received a response despite noting that the PM had been received and takuya had been online since I had sent it, I sent her another one on October 19th:

      I have not heard from her and her profile on DoA says that she hadn't been on since mere hours before I sent that last PM. I have tried to find other ways to contact her and have failed. If making the pants isn't possible at this time I would be happy to accept the refund that she offered instead, though the pants would be preferable, but really at this point I'd just like to know where she is and what's going on. takuya was so easy to work with on my commission that I'm a bit concerned about this.
    2. takuya was last on the forum 18OCT. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. takuya got in touch with me today...apparently she moved and has been having internet problems. She's checking to see what happened to the package with my pants since she claims that she sent them out a while ago, but given the problems with the Royal Mail here in the UK it's entirely possible it's a post office problem. I'll update again when we know what happened and have decided on a resolution (either a replacement pair of pants or a refund). I just don't want to ask for either one until I know what's up with the first package!
    4. Hi, just wanted to mention I've been found and the matter has been resolved.
      The package unfortunately got lost in mail (that's what I've been told at the PO) and we agreed for a refund, since we didn't want any more packages to get lost (due to the problems with Royal Mail).
      I have sent a part of the refund already; I'm still waiting for a money transfer to my PP to complete the refund.
      I'm sorry for worrying JupiterStar and forcing her to create this thread! Fortunately my Internet issues have been somewhat resolved.
    5. Um, actually, can we hold off on resolving the matter till the full refund goes through? I've gotten a partial refund but there's still a bit being waited on and I just want to make sure everything it 100% set first.
    6. Of course we will wait until I give you a full refund, dear! I only meant to update the thread with information that we have confirmed the status of the lost package and that we have agreed on a way to remedy the situation ^_^ I never meant to call the matter itself fully resolved, don't worry.
    7. Oh, right. Gotcha! I just misunderstood is all ^_^.
    8. Any resolution yet?
    9. Takuya sent me the rest of the refund this morning, so it is now!