Paging TamsSharp about my Tobias

Jun 18, 2008

    1. I joined a GO w/TamsSharp to purchase a Fantasy Doll Tobias in Feb.

      Communication was great all along, she kept us updated and let us know when they all came in and was very methodical about when she was shipping what and who's dolls/bodies/pieces.

      But for some reason, my doll was /never/ shipped and suddenly she has gone "invisible" ..

      It's way past the Paypal refund method, but I really would much rather have the doll anyway.

      She can't blame weather, Hebron Ohio is just fine so I have no clue why myself and 3 (?) others have been left adrift.

      Here's the link to the entire GO from start to abandonment:

      Please Tam, just send my boy ASAP and I'll be happy!

      Breck :clover
    2. I am also part of this order.

      I am still waiting for my Nekomimi. I last spoke with TamsSharp on the 8th of June. She was piercing my kitty's ears for me and needed to know where and which ear. She told me that she would get it done over the weekend and ship her out on Tuesday.

      I really hope everything is okay on her end. An update would be great, finding out my kitty has been shipped would be awesome.
    3. The last time I heard from TamSharp was on the 4th. I'm waiting for a refund, since I overpaid at the beginning of the order, and she said she'd refund me the overage after deducting shipping from it once she mailed off my body.
      She never mentioned that she was also deducting paypal fees, even though I didn't use a credit card (fees that were never mentioned up until I PMed her about the refund after I received my body, since she apparently forgot). Nor did she mention charging me for overpriced shipping materials.
      (I didn't expect the materials to be free, of course... but it's not really my fault she chose to use expensive materials.)

      I PMed her back on the 4th, and she read the PM, but she never replied.
    4. My dolls from this group order have already arrived, but one of my Glen's hands arrived broken. I was told by Tam that FD would gladly make a replacement, and that it would ship to her with a pair of extra hands she had ordered but that had not been shipped out with the original full order from China. I was told later on that the hands would ship on the fifteenth of this month. It is now the eighteenth and I have not heard back if it has shipped, arrived, or has been delayed. Although my issue is minor and not nearly of as great a magnitude as the other participants who have posted here, it is still something I would like to see taken care of.
    5. TamsSharp was on the board 11JUN. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    6. I had email correspondence with Tamssharp on June 10.

      Like Tabris, I was handling the issue of overpaying for shipping. Even though she had stated to me at the beginning of the order that she was going to provide boxes, she told me that she spent $5.00 for the box and $2.00 for the packing materials (6 feet of tape, 1x5 feet of foam and crumpled tissue paper), and at least wanted the $5.00 for the box.

      I answered that was fine, but I never got a refund (only $4.00, but still...) and haven't heard from her since.
    7. I'm part of the group order, but my boy was a present, as was stated by Abbeymore on the GO thread, so apart from the comments on the thread I have had no direct contact with Tam - this was all handled by Abbeymore, who has her doll and he's fine.

      I totally support the statements that up to now Tam's communication has been excellent, and I really hope she's ok. I can only assume that something has happened to prevent her getting online.

      I know my boy, who was ordered quite a while ago (thru the other GO) was meant to be going out first because he has the furthest to come (Tam was doing a little surprise each because this order took so long) so I am a bit dissapointed that he is now in the last batch of dolls, and I did wonder if somehow Tam has miscalculated the shipping and is waiting for a paycheck each month to get the next few off..... ?

      It is not the fact that he is not sent yet that is annoying me, it's that several times Tam said 'I am going to the post office now' to Abbeymore and then it turns out the doll is still not sent afterall. I fully understand that problems occur, and maybe if there was a miscalculation in postage (to the uk is darned expensive I know) but honestly, we don't bite Tam, we'd just like to know. Everyone's human!
    8. I have emailed Tam and have not heard back. This was 2 days ago.

      I will try one more time over the weekend to reach her, but I am also considering contacting the Hebron police.

      I know things happen, but she has either a doll I own or my 235.00 and trust me, that's NOT small potatoes to me.
    9. I left an in depth voice mail on her cell and told her that we need to have this issue resolved one way or another.

      I did tell her I expected to hear from her within 48 hours or I would call her local police.

      I told her she was being page and there were a few of us wondering what happened.

      I will let you know if she does get back to me.
    10. Would anyone who is still waiting on items from this order please PM me with details - items, monies spent and any thing else that may help the police with this issue; I guess names and addresses would help as well.

      I have never done this before, so I would like the particulars before I call on Tuesday.

      Thanks and here's hoping we don't need to take it that far!

    11. In light of Blakrose's update in the GO thread, I will wait until after these packages supposedly go out to send a PM with my details, as I would really rather see this resolved with as little friction as possible.
    12. Absolutely agree. I hope everything goes as planned.
    13. My doll arrived in perfect condition.

      I still never heard from Tam in any way, shape or form.

      I consider this resolved.
    14. Thank you, Breck, for updating with your Resolution. As to the rest of the members with oustanding transactions - please keep this thread current. Thank you.
    15. Nope not heard anything, neither has Abbeymore... I hope he was posted with yours Breck.
    16. I should probably mention that it will take two weeks at least for him to arrive in the UK from when he is posted.
    17. I still have not received my boy's hand, I will continue to keep a watchful eye on the mail and will post here when it arrives.
    18. Nothing here still, Blakrose was going over to see Tam at the weekend and we're all hoping that the news will be good.
    19. It's been a week since I was told my kitty mailed and still nothing. :(
    20. Also nothing on my end. I'm really uncertain of what's going on here.