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Paging temporallelement - RESOLVED

Jan 29, 2009

    1. In brief, I bought an Anotherspace outfit from temporallelement on 16 December last, and she posted it on the same day. I am based in the UK and she is in Canada.

      I paid $8 US for shipping, and I understand that she sent it by ordinary airmail from Canada to the UK. It was not registered or insured, but like me she has sent many items in this way without trouble in the past.

      However, the outfit has not arrived to date. Until recently, temporallelement has replied to all my PMs.

      On 23 January, she sent me a reply confirming the address she sent the outfit to (it was the correct address as per PayPal).

      She also said as follows:
      Now, I have no reason not to believe her. The problem that I have relates to PayPal. They only allow you to claim a refund within 45 days of the original transaction. As I paid temporallelement on 16 December, this 45-day period will expire on 30 January (I think). In the UK, it is already 29 January (in the small hours).

      I replied to temporallelement's PM on 23 January and then sent a reminder on 26 January, as follows:
      I have not received a reply yet. I don't want to file a dispute with PayPal, as I firmly believe that temporallelement is telling the truth, but I am being backed into a corner and may need to do so to protect my position.

      But I wanted to try paging her first, to see if I could find out whether everything is okay at her end, and whether there is a reason for the delay.

      I also keep hoping that the outfit itself will show up (it wouldn't be the first time I have had problems with the British postal service).

      I should add that I have no way of proving to temporallelement that the outfit HASN'T arrived...but I am pretty sure that it has got lost in the post.
    2. I have now filed a PayPal dispute. I haven't had a reply from temporallelement and am rather worried.

      I really don't think she's dishonest. Parcels do get lost/delayed.
    3. Just to add that temporallelement has contacted me and kindly refunded the money. She couldn't access DoA last week.

      Accordingly, the PayPal dispute has been closed.

      I'd like to add an apology to temporallelement for chasing her like this.