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Paging territ1 - RESOLVED

Jan 20, 2009

    1. Hi,

      I'm paging territ1, who is in the process of purchasing a doll from me.

      They made the down payment... and when the deal was arranged, had offered me this as a payment plan:
      I could do 50 today, 50 on the 15th, 50 on the 29th and the remaining amount on Feb 1.

      Their first payment was made on Sunday, Jan 4, 2009... and I have not heard from them since, but I noticed that they signed on on the 15th.

      I have both PM'd and emailed, my last email (sent at 1:45 pm today) being:


      I have sent you a PM and emails...

      Please respond.

      You stated that you would make another payment on the 15th.
      That payment was not made.

      The only thing I am upset about at the moment is your lack of communication, even if it was just to say "Gah! I can't make the payment yet, it'll take me another week!".

      I will wait to the end of today, and this evening I will start a paging thread on DoA.

      If I don't hear from you by this coming Saturday... and all I'm asking for here is communication... then I will have to consider relisting the item.

      Please just contact me about this item. Like I said, if you need to rework your payment plan, that's fine... but if all I get is a lack of communication, then I will attempt to resell the doll.
      Hopefully if you are unable to reach the internet, you have friends on DoA who can inform me of this once I start a paging thread.

      Thanks, and please respond!!

      I understand that life happens... but I need this person to contact me about when they're planning on making more payments if they are serious about purchasing this doll still.

      This paging thread is being made in the sole attempt to get contact, and I am more than happy to rework their payment plan if that's what they need.
    2. Contact has been made!