Unresolved paging the Red Queen (member Banned)

Mar 22, 2009

    1. i am hesitant to start a page thread, but i am concerned about The Red Queen.

      this is not in reference to a bad transaction, but about a group order for Masterpiece Eyes placed in November, and is still not completed:


      the long wait for this GO started with Masterpiece, as they were behind and taking a very long time to make the eyes. The Red Queen was a perfect host until recently. my concern is that something has happened to her. she posted on 2/07/09 that she had a bad fall and has been in and out of the hospital, she is "expecting". it appears that she has not logged on since 2/15/09. i really just want to know if i should let this go, as she may have suffered a tragedy.

      as of 2/11/09 she posted that the eye orders were here, but there were eyes missing from 6 of the orders (1 or 2 eyes per order) and that has been her last post to the thread.

      i tried paging The Red Queen about my order, and received no response, i have also tried bumping the thread to no effect as well. i am starting to feel that there will be no resolution. it has been too long now to file any type of claim, i ordered 6 pairs of eyes, and paid $128.53 on 11/08/08

      some of the participants have received their orders (some with problems)
      the rest of us are still waiting.

      i truly hope that she is well, but am concerned and would like to know what is happening.
    2. I'm also in this group order and did not receive my four pair of eyes.
      I sent her Email but didn't get any response.
      Masterpiece sent me an Email and let me know that they sent the eyes to Megan long time ago and the last time they heard from her was mid December and at the beginning of January.
      I sent her a letter through post office but the address does not match the one I found on line in the White Pages. I'm not sure she'll get it at all.
      I also found a phone# but when I called there is no answer.
      I also would like to know what is happening?
      Thank you very much.
    3. I am also in the group order and did not receive the pair of eyes that I ordered. I have tried to asked about them in the thread and checked back frequently. Since she has not longed on in quite some time, I became concerned because of her condition. Now I am not sure what has happened and would also like some information.
    4. Can a mod tell you when the last time is that she logged on?

      She is involved in a minimee go I am running and I will be needing to contact her soon to settle up on shipping the head to her.
    5. you can see when she last logged on by looking at her public profile, the date is 2/15/09
      many of us have tried to contact her in different ways, but have received no response.
    6. I am still missing a pair of eyes that The Red Queen said she would either 1.) refund me for or 2.) send me a new pair.

      She has been proven to be ok and is still active on the internet. Please see the original GO thread.

      I have contacted her husband and received a response that he will get back to me, but he never did. They are both now ignoring all of us even though they are still active.

      I hope we can get this resolved somehow.
    7. Squishtaru ~ What do you mean when you say "even though they are still active"? Where are you seeing this activity? And does the husband have a member name on this forum?
    8. if you look on the original GO thread (link is in first post here) page 10, post 187, Forbidden listed some information in regards to this activity.
    9. Zagzagael, if I may comment here, the husband does have a username on this forum. He is Rurikarakusa and he is currently in a group order that I have running. When I suggested that everyone contact him, some did and they got a response from someone claiming to be "Brad" that was just using the account, claiming to not have heard from the couple for some time.

      However, I didn't believe that, so I did some digging.

      The paypal account the supposed "Brad" used was the same as Rurikarakusa's and the shipping information was the same. I believe this all was just a lie to cover the fact that his wife was ignoring everyone here. They were all worried about her and yet I find that she is indeed well and posting regularly on a place called Suicide Girls.

      Thus, I shared this information with the group order participants that have been worried and waiting for a response of sorts from her. Though I'm not involved in this at all, I wanted to help out somehow and try to bring a sense of closure to everyone.

      I doubt that The Red Queen will be back or contact anyone at this point. It's very sad and extremely unfortunate.

    10. Has anyone heard from the Red Queen?
    11. no, no response at all on this. we have tried to email, PM, write letters, and she has just disappeared on us.

      sadly, this is my one and only bad experience here on the forum, so i guess, at least, that's a good thing..... :|
    12. Zagzagael, I'm not sure what to do about this. Rurikarakusa joined my fifth Fairyland group order for a faceplate and I was going to just send him a Paypal invoice for the cost of shipping but it seems that their paypal account is no longer registered. D: I'm worried that because I have no way to contact Roger, that I'm vulnerable to being left with negative feedback in retaliation or something. But if he's closing off and ignoring the only means of contact, I can't be held at fault, can I? What do I do with his faceplate? =_=
    13. Forbidden ~ The moderators of DoA cannot and do not get involved in Marketplace transactions, nor can we advise members how best to deal with a problem transaction. At this point, it would appear that both of these members have left the forum.
    14. Forbidden, starting a paging thread for Rurikarakusa. The mods will mark him as being paged. At least that way he won't be able to do it to anyone else.
    15. Sorry, I meant Start a paging thread for him. I can't as I'm not involved.
    16. Starting a paging thread wouldn't help if they don't plan on coming back here. So I'll just see if they contact me somehow.

      Thanks anyhow. ^^
    17. if they do get in contact with you, could you point them in this direction please? maybe because they have paid for something, and want to receive it, they may be more inclined to contact you. but it is doubtful....:(