Paging-thegreatkait - RESOLVED

Jun 10, 2008

    1. I feel bad for doing this, but....yeah...

      I purchased a LUTS SD carrier from thegreatkait on May 29th, I paid a few minutes after she gave me her paypal address on the same day; May 29th. She PMed me to let me know she received the payment and that she would ship it out first thing the next morning, May 30th.

      I heard nothing from her, and at first, I thought she had sent it out and simply forgot to send me a message to let me know.

      On June 1st, she sent me a message telling me she hadn't sent it out, and informed me that a member of her family was in the hospital, BUT she would send it out on June 2nd on her way back to the hospital, and she would send it Priority mail instead of 1st class.

      I told her I understood, and it was perfectly fine.

      That was the last I heard from her.

      I got worried by June 4th, and sent her a message, asking if she had sent the carrier out as she had said she would. I waited until the 6th and sent her another PM, telling her I was getting slightly irritated that she hasn't at least attempted to contact me. I sent another PM on the 8th, letting her know that if she didn't contact me by today, June 10th, I'd make this paging thread. And if she does not contact me by June 20th, I will file a claim with paypal to return my money.

      I understand that people have family emergencies, and people get distracted. And I am perfectly sympathetic up to a point. On Thursday it will have been 2 full weeks since I paid her, and that is my breaking point.
    2. Hello dear,

      I have Pmed you and I completely understand your frustration. I am so sorry about this whole mess, and it is entirely my fault. I have had a lot of problems lately and although that is no excuse I have let it get to me. I have shipped you carrier out and you should be receiving it if you have not already. I feel horrible about this and I am so sorry.
    3. Tvorceskiy ~ Please update this thread when your carrier arrives. Thanks!
    4. I received the carrier, sorry for the delay >< Thank you