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Resolved Paging Thriith - Galena Split - RESOLVED

Jul 31, 2010

    1. Mods, if something has already been done, you may remove.

      Alright, I've been patient enough with this. And now it's come to this.

      And I'm going to mention that our thread were the original split was taking place is gone. I don't know what happened to it, but the split was surely NOT complete.

      Back in December 2009, Four participants engaged in a split with Thriith for a SOOM Galena. The split has, needless to say, dragged on since then.
      Communication started out good and steady. Then a few months passed and it became touch and go. The supposed end of the split came and went, which was March 2010.
      I then proceeded to poke at her for information regarding when the order would be shipped.
      Needless to say, I didn't recieve a response right away. After several messages exchanged with other members of the split, I considered placing a Paging thread. Out of curiosity, I contacted Soom about the status of the order, and perhaps any other information they could give me at the time. Here is what they gave me. Which scared me ALOT. This was in May.

      She responded just in time and I confronted her with this information, she claimed that payments were being made, and said that the split would be paid off in full by the end of June.
      This information, and my concernes, were passed along to other members in the split. At the time, they had no problems with me starting a paging thread. And I am sure that feelings haven't changed.
      I have tried messaging her here as well, and now her inbox is full. I just want this transaction to end, either by the split being shipped, or a complete refund.
      I would also like to know where the thread disappeared to as well.
      I'm also going to mention that the fourth member, whom I will not say name, said that their side of the split was just fine. That they recieved the parts and everything. I don't know if this was minor confusion, or something outside of my knowledge. This info was given to me when I sent a message to them in May.

      The last message I recieved from Thriith was on July 5th. She said that she was making another payment and that she was selling some heads to speed up the process.
      No Messages since.

      To other members of the split, If you have anymore information that I did not provide, please place it up here. I work graveyards and it is well past my sleep time. I will not be able to get on the computer again until tomorrow.

      Thank you.
    2. I'd certainly like the wig or the $37. Thrillith was supposedly in a Minimee GO with me, but the order-runner has booted her for non-communication as far as I know.
    3. I'm a member of the Galena split and i second dragonhawk's account. Communication with thriith was fine and prompt at first. I made my first payment in mid-December and my second at the end of the month, and each time thriith messaged me right away saying she'd forwarded my payments directly to SOOM. Then there was a long silence. thriith posted in mid-April that she was having some issues with her bank and there would be a month's delay; at the end of May she posted again saying the doll would be completely paid off in June and that, at that time, she would pay everyone's shipping herself as an apology for the delay. I've heard nothing from her since and have no idea where my bird feet may be.

      I certainly still want the feet, but will settle for my $165 back if that's all the settlement we can get.
    4. Not heard from her in a very long time. I only have $33 wrapped up in the eyes on this, but I would like to see something as this was the first split I had ever went in on and now am regretting it.
    5. Thanks Zagzagael. I couldn't find it in my subscribed threads, or her started ones. (sorry for my delay, my computer fried and now I'm using my mothers whenever I get a chance)
      And Angelynx-Prime mentioned something that I previously had let slip my mind. Yes, around April She had messaged us about problems with her bank, apparently they were making phantom charges to her account.
      I'm going to write SOOM today and hope that they will respond with an answer as to wether or not our order is still in progress, or if they have cancelled it. I will be back ASAP. Thank you to the others of the split, and thanks to the Moderators. If anyone has any tips for how we should proceed with this if we do not hear from her soon, please post.
    6. I'm buying the wig elsewhere, so I'd like my money back from Thrilith.
    7. according to soom, the order is still in progress. but the information they gave me does not add up to previous records. I dont know if this is a mistake, but as soon as I am in front of a real computer again, I will ask. but according to them, a total amount of 329 has been paid, lower than the previous amount stated. and has three more payments totaling 260, 293, and 293. like I said, this may be a mistake... I hope. and I dont blame you on just wanting your money back. I am thinking about asking the same.
    8. Maybe we should all just do that?
    9. it seems that it just may come down to that point.
    10. I tried PM'ing her with a request for a refund, but guess what, her box is full and can't take any more messages until she clears some out. I'll have to see if I have another contact address for her.
    11. its been full for quite some time. I tried messaging her a few weeks ago with the same results.
      I will mention that I did hear from another member that ive been in contact with a couple of times. shes from another split, and I asked her if she had heard anything from thriith. sadly, mayday has heard nothing as well, and fears debt may have overwhelmed our split leader. but she continues to contact her all the same as she has money in on another split with thriith too.
    12. I thought I'd add to this thread that Thriith is a participant in my PAN Minimee Group Order - she initiated it but after she first lost internet in June the participants asked that I take the reins so to speak. She has not replied to any of my messages regarding her part of the Order and subsequently has been dropped from the second part. HOWEVER she HAS paid for a Minimee head and shipping and I have no-way of contacting her to get it to her outside of DoA...

      Group Order link is here:Del Toro's Pans Labyrinth Minimee Order

      I would like to know if she is alright - is there anyone in her are that can ascertain her physical well-being?
    13. Does any one have any more information from Thriith? Her heads are being delivered to me and I will hold onto them until there is a resolution to the Galena Split...?
    14. I have heard nothing since the last post. I even do random searches from time to time and she has not been on any of her other accounts lately. She is possibly without a computer all together.
    15. I try periodically to text or call her. Usually I just get a message that this user is not excepting calls at this time, however yesterday I sent a text out and I got a response, but it was not her. I double checked her number to make sure that I didn't transfer it wrong to my new phone and it was the same one I've contacted her with before. I don't think that she owns that number anymore. @.@ I really hope that she's okay, this is the longest that I haven't heard from her.
    16. Thank you for assisting us in trying to contact her Mayday. Your help in this is greatly appreciated, I hope she gets in touch with one of us soon.
    17. hmmmm its somewhat worrysome..... not to continue bothering anyone but is it possible to contact her local police and mention we are all conerned she is MiA? They can do a "duty of care" or "welfare check" visit to ascertain she's still alive and well - if she is then we can continue to wait and hope she'll be in touch with us...?
    18. I think this might be reasonable.
    19. Perhaps it's an option. Thanks for the idea whitewings.
      And don't expect anymore updates from SOOM unfortunately. They just NOW realized I'm not Thriith and will not give me anymore info regarding the split other than it has not been canceled yet.