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Resolved Paging Thriith - RESOLVED

Aug 30, 2011

    1. This isn't bad at all ^u^;;

      Thriith has been in a number of my recent GO's for Dollmore, Leekeworld, and Angell Studio. I have her items all packaged up and ready, but Thriith has been absent for the later half of the orders. Communication was fabulous and everything was dandy up until she had to move apartments and had some computer troubles. It has been a few months since I've last heard from them, and I'm just hoping that everything's okay.

      I've sent a pm indicating that I have the package safe and sound and am willing to mail it out once I receive payment and confirmation of shipping address :D I will be holding the items until then.

      If anyone knows Thriith personally or locally, please let her know I'm trying to contact her :D

    2. Thriith was last on the forum 20JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. still no word from thriith. Is there any other available email or anything that I can contact her with? >n<;;;
    4. I'm having the same problem with Thriith, I've done everything since our split arrived to contact her so I can send her items, except to send a letter to the address she gave me, but if she's moved since then, it might not work to well, and I haven't heard from her yet still.
    5. hey daire,

      I am thankful that you pmed me about her email, as I have finally heard a reply from her [like 2 weeks after I sent an email on the 27th, I only got a reply now.] I've invoiced her via paypal for the shipping, and am witholding the package until I have the payment.

      I asked her to confirm her address for me, but have not yet received a reply. For someone missing so many items that she paid for, she seems either pre-occupied or not at all concerned about the inconvenience that was caused ^^;;;;;

      I hope that your problems with her have been solved by now ;U;...
    6. ^^ No problem, but my problems with her have been solved, i got a confirmation of address and shipping payment for her items just yesterday, so they've been sent out. In the contact i've had she seemed to be busy, since it took a few weeks each time to get a reply, but ^^ my problems are solved, and i hope that everything on your end is taken care of soon ^_^
    7. Still no word from thriith at all. I have sent her the invoice on Paypal and it's been several weeks but she has not paid it..
    8. Stilll nothing :/ Been sending reminders on paypal very often.
    9. After sending 5 more paypal reminders to the email address which thriith had previously answered once to, I'm starting to give up hope on this. 8( I really don't want to have this box of not-my-stuff sitting around for so long over such a small issue..
    10. Thriith has finally paid their shipping invoice without any additional communication in DoA. I will be sending off the package and that will be that. I consider this paging thread closed.