Resolved Paging Ticuk - RESOLVED

Aug 21, 2011

    1. I really hate to do this but I'm getting really concerned about the whereabouts of my boy's head.
      I had an Insomnia-doll Shinji shipped direct from Kat to Ticuk for a faceup.
      According to the tracking, my boy has been at her post office since August 9th without collection.
      I've tried contacting Ticuk but I'm not getting a reply to my messages and I'm just concerned that something is wrong (because replies were really prompt before) or that my boy might get shipped back because of the time he's been sat in the post office.

      I'm hoping that the tracking is just a little glitchy and hasn't updated but I'd really appreciate a quick PM to know whether my boy is safe or not ;n;
    2. Ticuk was last on the forum 13AUG. She is now Being Paged.
    3. This is resolved! Ticuk was just on vacation and the tracking hadn't updated!