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Unresolved Paging tiffanyjbt - UNRESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Mar 13, 2012

    1. I really don't want to do this but it seems like the only way after reading previous feedback of tiffanyjbt.

      I am having a problem with seller tiffanyjbt.
      I bought her Volks Unoss doll, paid in full on march 6th (2012). We agreed that she would ship the doll out asap but no later then thursday 8th of march. I send her a message on the 8th asking for the tracking number, which she answered (she answered every previous email within 30 minutes), giving me a tracking. This tracking was also given to me through paypal.

      Untill now the tracking still only states that USPS was notified to expect a package for mailing.
      I called with USPS saturday and again monday 12th, there is still NO package offered for shipping with that tracking.
      I have send her 5 pm's, none were answered. I know tiffanyjbt did this before, give people a tracking an then ship much later but this is a very very expensive doll, I am fed-up with waiting for a respons and I am not taking a risk in this case.

      What I see as a resolution is:

      The Volks Unoss doll needs to be shipped this week more likely today or tomorrow or receive a full! refund in one payment (just like I did with the payment, since layaway was not accepted) this week.

    2. tiffanyjbt was last on the forum 8MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Hello!
      The same problem. I bought Epidos head,paid full amount and 1st of March Tiffany sent me the tracker.
      So today is 12th of March and untill now the tracking still only states that USPS was notified to expect a package for mailing.
    4. I have not heard anything from tiffanyjbt.

      This afternoon when I checked the tracking it stated that a package was accepted yesterday march 13th. At the moment it is passing through " Sort Facility".
    5. NO word from tiffanyjbt!
      The tracking still says the same: "passing through sort facility"
    6. the same - "passing through sort facility"
    7. That means that your packages were shipped...
    8. tigerlilly: You entered: CQ021066373US

      Your Item's Status
      Your item is being processed by customs in NETHERLANDS at 9:50 am on March 21, 2012.

      You should get your doll today or tomorrow I'm guessing. I really don't think this was that long of a wait, considering how far you are from me. But whatever...

      Jane: You entered: CQ357416437US

      Your Item's Status
      Your item was processed through our ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) facility on March 02, 2012 at 1:04 pm. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

      Jane, you said you paid on 3/1. The item was processed through the Chicago sort facility the very next day (thats about 45 minutes from where I dropped the package off in Indiana, btw so the package was moving the very next day). They've moved it to chicago, but thats as far as USPS has gotten with it. I did absolutely nothing wrong in this transaction. The delay is on the part of the post office, not me.
    9. tiffanyjbt:
      We agreed that you would ship out asap no later the thursday 8th of march. On that day you gave me the tracking but the package was brought to the postoffice on the 13th! You should not provide a tracking without shipping it. You could have let me know something or respond to me 5 message that I send you. That is why I started the thread NOT because shipping from the US to Europe takes longer, I know this...

      Today the 25th of march the doll is (still) NOT in my possession, I will keep it updated.
    10. I received the doll today (20 minutes ago).

      The case is NOT resolved, I opened a paypal claim. The Volks Unoss Siena does NOT fit the description at all! The damage did not happen during shipping as she was packed up in bubble plastic.

      Her face up is damaged on 3 places and has smudges, she is yellowed a lot and she is very dirty! Futher more her body blushing is also damaged on hands, feet and belly.

      Also she was sold with eyes and wig (there was no where mentioned that it was not the eyes and the wig pictured) She has agrylic eyes and a short other wig came with her.

      This is in NO way acceptable for a doll that cost me $2100!

      I opened a paypal claim and want my money refunded by tiffanyjbt.
    11. First of all, that is NOT going to happen.

      My sales thread said specifically that the eyes and wig were to be determined by me. This is a volks Unoss. Obviously her resintone isn't going to look like a brand new volks doll, so anyone would assume some yellowing. But its all 100% even, 100% natural. I suppose I could have said that, but honestly this is a Unoss. You should know better. Her faceup is NOT damaged. You can see exactly how it looks in every picture of her, which I provided links to. Also, I made it a point to take a magic eraser and clean her thouroughly before I packed her up. She is clean. I also told you via PM that I never got around to blushing/freckling her whole body over.

      You are SERIOUSLY overreacting. I am NOT giving you a refund. As far as I'm concerned, our business is done.
    12. The Epidos hasn't arrived yet :(
    13. Sorry hun, I can't make the post office move any faster. Though I agree they are taking a LONG time to get your doll to you. I don't have a whole lot of time to do personal stuff during business hours, but I will try to call the post office when I can find the time.
    14. Doll as sold to me in the add here on DOA:


      Doll received like this.
      Smudges on nose bridge(blue), damage to cheek and eyebrow

      Damage to ear and dirty..
      Scratches like this all over body. No this is not about her not having a freckled body, I knew this.
      You did NOT mention she had a all over her bodyDAMAGED bodyblushing and face up!

      This is what you get for $2100, I have much more pictures.
      I am letting Paypal decide this futher.
    15. Did you look at the pictures in the link I provided in my sales thread?


      That photo shows the spot on her cheek better. The picture above is blurred out in that area.

      As for the stuff on the back of her head, that was NOT like that when I sent her. I would never send a doll out like that. However, I had tape on the back of her head to hold her faceplate in place. There may have been residue left from the tape that picked up random dust while shipping. I'm sure that will wipe off easily, as it was NOT like that when I sent her. As for the streaky blushing, it was that way when I recieved the doll. Honestly I forgot about it and for that I do appologize for not mentioning it. I hadn't so much as looked at the doll in months before I sold her so I wasn't thinking about that. I really did clean her up as best as I could before I sent her tho.

      Paypal only handles issues to do with damage from shipping, and since you've already told them none of this happened during shipping, they've decided not to persue the claim. I'm sorry you're unhappy about this transaction, but there is nothing further I can or will do on this matter.
    16. I am not going to futher discuss with you as the photo's show enough.

      A Paypal expert IS in fact looking into it and will contact me within 4 days.

      This case is unresolved.
    17. The pictures show that you need to wipe off the back of the head. That doll is nowhere near as bad as you're trying to make it out. Stop overreacting and be happy with your doll. She's gorgeous and you know it. Besides, paypal just emailed me that the case is closed. I'm done with this transaction.

      Once Jane recieves her head, I'm also done with this hobby for good. Not even gonna try to sell the rest of my dolls. I'm sick of people like you. Good riddance...
    18. People are smarter then that and see through your lies.
      You sell me a doll that is worth half of what I paid! And you know it.
      I want absolutely nothing more to do with you.

      Paypal is looking in to it.
      It is unresolved.
    19. btw learn some manners
    20. Oh grow up. Childish people like you are the reason I don't deal with this crap anymore. I don't care what you think people see. I sold you that doill in good faith in good condition, all things considered (the doll is OLD!). Its not like I'm trying to scam you or anything, and that much should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. You know that doll is worth way more than half. Whether you think she's worth the full amount of what you paid is your own personal opinion. I didn't make any profit off of her. I sold her for less than what I paid for her from Y!Japan and I gave her a faceup and cleaned her up better than how she came to me.

      I'm reporting to the moderators here what paypal said to me so you can see that this case IS in fact closed (removed personal info):

      Hello Tiffany Frazier,

      Your buyer has chosen to escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim. By ending
      communication with you and escalating to a claim, the buyer is asking
      PayPal to investigate the case and decide the outcome. As part of our
      investigation, PayPal reviewed any communication you may have had with the
      buyer in the Resolution Center

      We have received a complaint from a buyer who stated that merchandise you
      sent them did not match your original description. The buyer is disputing
      the quality of goods associated with the transaction detailed below.

      As you may already be aware, PayPal's Buyer Complaint Policy applies only
      to the shipment of goods and not to complaints about the attributes or
      quality of goods received through an off eBay transaction. Therefore, we
      will not conduct an investigation into this matter at this time

      Transaction details

      Buyer's name:
      Buyer's email:
      Transaction ID:

      Transaction date: Mar 6, 2012
      Transaction amount: $2,155.00 USD
      Your transaction ID:
      Case number:

      What to do next

      Situations like this often are easily resolved through communication with
      your buyer. We encourage you to work directly with the buyer to resolve
      this issue.

      Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter.


      Protection Services Department

      Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you
      will not receive a response. For assistance, log in to your PayPal account
      and click the Help link in the top right corner of any PayPal page.