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Paging Tsukane - RESOLVED

Mar 30, 2010

    1. This isn't a problem transaction, per se, but I am concerned. I am in a split Tsukane organized for a CW Galena. The doll was ordered on 12/09 and was supposed to be a four month layaway. I am paid in full for my part (the head and the LE wig). She last communicated with me on 2/22. I PM'd her asking for a status update on 3/19 and got no response. I then emailed her using the email function here and got no response. Her profile says that she has not been on DOA since 3/08. I have communicated with other split members, one of whom has also PM'd her and emailed her this week with no response. That split member has also requested a status update on our split thread with no response. Another split member says she was contacted by Tsukane on 03/04 and asked to send her last payment by 03/08, which she did. Since then, no one has heard anything from her.

      I'm worried that Tsukane has had an accident or fallen sick. Her communication was very good up to the end of last month. She was taking part of the body and bird parts out of the split, so she had the largest share. If she needs more time to finish paying off her part that's fine, but I would really like to know what is going on with our order.
    2. Tsukane was last on the forum 8MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I PM'd again yesterday. Still no answer.
    4. I emailed Tsukane using her PayPal email on 04/05. Still no answer. I will try sending her an actual letter to her address in PayPal. I am in communication with my split partners. One of them lives about an hour away from her but Tsukane's phone number is unlisted. If we have had no communication with Tsukane by 05/05, we will be filing a police report.
    5. I sent a letter to Tsukane today Certified Mail with receipt requested. I enclosed my contact information in the letter and asked her to please update us as to the status of the split. If I receive no response within the week, then one of the other split partners is going to mail a letter to her as well. When that is done, we will have pretty much exhausted our options other than the police report-most of us paid with Paypal and it is too late to file an INR chargeback. We also do not have an order number, so we cannot talk to Soom.
    6. I just got back now, and I'm sending a PM to everyone as I type~
    7. Tsukane has in fact contacted me about the status of our split. I consider this matter resolved.