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Jun 1, 2010

    1. Tsukane ran a split for Soom Galena back in November 2009. The doll was put on a 4-month layaway. Original split thread is here:


      Tsukane disappeared during March and April 2010 and we could not get in contact with her. After sending a certified letter to her address we got a response the next day near the end of April. She said that once she contacts Soom they will send the doll. This was covered in Tsukane's previous paging thread found here:


      The doll finally came in and she sent out my parts. I received them but I had another problem. The right hand was missing. I contacted Tsukane and she said that she found the right hand in her bed, and that she would be sending it the next day. This was on 05/08/2010.

      I have not received the hand nor heard from Tsukane since then. Her last sign on date is 05/10/2010.

      Recently one of the split participants contacted me and she also has not received her any of her split parts which were supposedly sent out at the end of April.

      Hoping to hear from Tsukane soon concerning our transactions.
    2. Tsukane was last on the forum 10MAY. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I am on the same split as Squishtaru, but in my case I didn't recieve my items (Galena Dress and Galena Shoes).
      She sent me the last PM on 05MAY, with the shipping fee. Since I didn't understand why the shipping was so low, I've asked her and got no answer. So I've sent the amount and then another PM (on 14MAY). Again, no answer. Tried a few days later, no answer.

      I've became very worried and talked with another split member, asking her for advice. And then talked with Squishtaru, to see if she got any problem with Tsukane and here we are.

      Hope everything is fine with her and that she can come back and explain to us what happenned.
    4. Oh well...
      Today Ive recieved the package with Galena's clothes and shoes. But I didn't get any info that Tsukane has sent it...
      I guess my problema is solved, hope Squishtaru recieve her missing part soon.
    5. I still haven't heard from Tsukane. I'm going to send her a snail mail letter since it worked last time.
    6. Still no contact from Tsukane....
    7. Was this ever resolved?
    8. No, it was not. I do not think I will ever be getting the hand that I paid for. She never contacted me even though I have emailed, PMed, and sent letters several times. I'll have to find Super Gem hands somewhere else to complete my doll.