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Paging Tsukasa - RESOLVED

Oct 31, 2011

    1. I am selling my Volks Date Masamune (US1710 including EMS shipping) to Tsukasa on 27 OCT.

      I have written down that the payment should include 5% PayPal fee in my selling page.
      But when the payment arrived on the same day, it was only US$1,643.01. US$66.99 was deducted by PayPal.

      Since I have included the EMS shipping fee in my sales, I could not bear more fees. So I refunded her the full payment immediately and asked her to send the payment including the 5% PayPal fee or just add extra US40 for it.

      However, I have waited for days and she did not reply any of my PMs.

      I don't mind if Tsukasa needs more time to think about it or does not want to trade with me anymore.
      But I guess I deserve some respect and the respond from the buyer.

      Thank you.
    2. Tsukasa was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Here is the situation:
      I contacted Kakyou to purchase Date Masamune under the conditions: for the price $1700 including shipping fee to Taiwan and I would pay in full by Paypal balance.

      Please see the below printscreen for the conditions from Kakyou.
      (In present, the selling thread was modified to reflect the fees better, but the print screen is before the change when I was in the transaction with Kakyou.)

      I was contacted by Kakyou if I could pay $1710. Although my budged for this doll was $1700 maximum, I agreed to this small change and I paid in full the same day.
      After the payment, I got a message that it was not paid by balance and therefore I was asked to pay again (after returning the money) by balance or adding 5% fees.
      I replied (sent a PM) that Paypal balance (it really was) does not mean that there are no fees for the seller.

      I believe, I did everything what was in our agreement.

      If I got paged for not replying a solution fast enough (although Kakyou has the selling thread on, “bumping it”, and therefore it is not like I’m blocking her from selling the doll), partially because I was having weekend mostly off and partially because I was trying to find if anybody could pick up the doll in Hong Kong to save Kakyou the fees, I apologize for it. By no means it was meant as a disrespect to the seller.

      I will send Kakyou a PM and it would be appreciated to have this issue closed.
    4. PM I sent on 28 OCT:

      I have said that I am really ok if you do not want to trade with me anymore as there were misunderstanding between two of us.

      However, I have waited for 4 days for your reply. I only got your reply after placing a message here.
      I checked every single hour for days (even though it's weekend for me too) to see if there are any message from you. I just want to be as responsible as I can.

      I am really grateful to know that you were looking for someone to pick up the doll in Hong Kong.
      I am sure it would help me a lot. But I really do not know until I read your reply today.
      I do not think dropping me a message will take too much of your time.

      Please understand that communication is a two way process.

      I was hoping to settle this issue ASAP. So I have asked for your email on the day I refunded you the full payment. Unfortunately, I do not think I need it anymore now.

      Thank you.
    5. For your record, I only bump my page yesterday (1 NOV) which means I have been waiting for you for 5 days.

      Anyway, I finally got a reply from Tsukasa.
      Is it possible to end this post, Moderator?

      Thank you.
    6. Just to clarify, if you were in the middle of transaction with me, per market place rules you should 'graveyard' it. On the contrary, 'on hold' mark was taken out soon after I got the money returned and sent my message about the balance/personal payment; that indicated that the item was fully for sale again. Also in general, I don’t think it is right to change the selling thread content to add another condition if any transaction is theoretically ongoing.

      Anyway, since we cleared this through PMs, I hope this can be closed.
    7. I will take the responsibility for editing the post. I have removed the selling post here and decided not to sell anything here. As I do not think there are enough protection for seller or buyer.

      Buyer can disappear for days without any notification and blaming the seller who is trying to find him/her.

      Anyway, I took a lesson here.

      Thank you.
    8. Kakyou, I did not and do not blame you (if it was the meaning in the above post), I'm just stating the facts, since I am being paged. I take my reputation on DoA seriously, both as a buyer and as a seller.

      Referring to the 'not enough protection', I hope you can reconsider it, because DoA has actually a very safe market place where people can deal with hundreds of dollars transactions.
    9. Kakyou ~ do you consider this transaction resolved?
    10. Yes, please.

      Thank you so much!!