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Jul 10, 2010

    1. I contacted Twindals about the Lorina she had for sale in the marketplace. We agreed to a short layaway with significant deposit. I paid her $265 on 6/22/2010 with two equeal payments of $150 to be paid 7/8/2010 and the final payment on 7/16/2010 for a total of $565, which included shipping.

      Twindals last PM was to request I pay the paypal fee of $9.00 on 7/6/2010. I paid the $9.00 immediately upon recieving her PM. I sent a note with the paypal payment requesting her to ship to my shipping address.

      Twindals hasn't mentioned when she plans on shipping the doll out. I am more than understanding if only she wasn't so difficult to contact. Please, Twindals, this transaction was brilliant until you went M.I.A. I want proof via tracking number that you have shipped the doll I have finished paying for almost a week ago.
    2. I bought the Yo-SD Sara that Twindals posted for sale in the Marketplace (FS:Volks Yosd tinatsu & lorina). I paid her a deposit on 06/21/2010 and the remaining $ was paid on 06/23. The last message I received from her was almost a week ago, on 07/04/2010:

      I have both emailed and PM'd her asking when my doll would ship, and have received no response:

      PM sent 07/07/2010:

      Email sent yesterday, 07/08/2010:

      I am fully prepared to file a PayPal dispute for item not received, but would rather just have my doll!!!
    3. Apparently, Twindals has set her Photobucket account to "private" now, so the photos in the Marketplace post are no longer viewable.
    4. Twindals was last on the forum 6JUL. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    5. I am afraid that Twindals has been purposely avoiding us. I have yet to receive an email response. She has been active on another doll forum and was last logged on 6pm yesterday while her last post was July2nd. I have contacted a Mod/Admin there since registration is closed until Sept. I have also linked them to this paging thread.

      Twindals, in light of this new information, I am not waiting any longer. You have until Monday evening 6pm to contact me or I will be opening a Paypal dispute immediately.
    6. I would like to also clarify that I finished my layaway with Twindals much sooner than expected. I have paid for the doll in full as of July 2nd, thankfully both payments were not sent as "gift", thus the fee were charged.
    7. I have now filed a PayPal dispute for this transaction. I have also sent Twindals a message via Facebook informing her of both this, and my intent to file a police report if necessary.
    8. I am looking for her too!
      She took my deposit and 1st payment away and disappeared!
      I paid a deposit for YOSD Sara on 30 May and the 1st payment on 12 Jun.
      On 14 Jun, she told me she couldn't sell Sara anymore because of an accident.

      Here's her message on Flickr:

      I said I want a full refund and she said okay.

      On 16 Jun, She sent me another msg:

      I said I couldn't buy her because you said Sara is not going to sell anymore and I will get the full refund. So I have bought another doll in layaway. And she sent me this:

      After that, we have argued for few days and she said she can refund me $200.
      Of course I didn't accept this because she said she will give me full refund and we all agreed. Also, I have contacted with the artist who were painting Sara's face-up about the "misunderstanding" between two of them. She said they didn't have any conversation like that and she didn't said anything about her Sara has been scratched or blah blah blah. The whole thing is just a lie! I told her I knew everything you said is just a lie and she sent me this:

      Then I received $200, and the most ridiculous thing is this message she sent to me on 20 Jun:

      Til now, she still owe me $275 and she said to me she will not back here and this hobby so I won't be able to get back!
    9. I have messaged everyone, besides simmi as your case has already been taken up with paypal as a disupte and you lost. So I will no longer contact you Simmi. Manda I wasn't purposely ignoring anyone, and red my photobucket account has been cleaned up from photos and sadly I couldn't remember which photo's I had been hosting for websites such as these! Super sorry, if you need the photos again I have them and would be more then happy to send em!

      Hope all is cleared up for you girls!
    10. Just received this PM from Twindals:

    11. sent you the EMS tracking number.
    12. simmi is still owed the $275 then?
    13. I have NOT received an EMS tracking number.
    14. I have received a tracking number and expected date for delivery from Twindals today. I will consider my case closed once the doll arrives. Thank you Twindals for doing right by me.
    15. I have received a valid tracking #, and the package is scheduled to arrive tomorrow 07/13 before 12:00
      I will call off the PayPal dispute and paging thread as soon as my doll is in my hands tomorrow evening.
    16. I'm “The artist”. I'm very very sad and angry when I saw Simmi's email. Although Twindals told me a story about her ex-boyfriend. But I still have to clarify. I have never scratched anyone's doll before. If this acident really happen, I think I can fix the poor baby but not leave it like that. Besides, I never talked to Twindals “all yesterday and today”. We just have ONE email conversation from the day I received the doll head.
      Twindals, I think your story is very funny. But I don't know how many email your “Ex” sent to the other buyers. It did ruin my reputation!
    17. Yes, and she is not planning to refund me now.
      She has promised me to give me a full refund and now she took away my money, what did I get? Nothing.
    18. *Brief Luchbreak Post* My friend (who's house Sara was shipped to) just called and said that the package arrived. As soon as I am home this evening, and have a chance to open the package, I will drop the PayPal dispute.
    19. I have received the doll today. I have resolution to my case.
    20. I have received my doll, dropped the PayPal dispute, and consider my part of this thread resolved.