Paging: Twisted Kitty BAD SELLER

Nov 1, 2006

    1. Hi havent heard from you in weeks - you havent replied to me yet you have my money. pleae send my goods.
    2. Was this before I went on vacation? If so, I am terribly sorry for my negligence.
      I am not sure what I sold you, or what I owe you. I do not have any PMs from you that I can locate.
      PLEASE, especially in the future if there are ever any questions with sellers (or buyers!), check their profile. My myspace is linked, my EMAIL is available, my AIM and Yahoo and MSN messenger names are all listed. Please....utilize them in case you have not heard back from a seller or buyer! Just because you have not heard back from a seller does not mean they're a scammer or trying to take your money. It could be a miscommunication, or a lack of communication.

      Please Email me, contact me on myspace, send me an IM (I am on AIM many hours per day), or something of the sort and let me know what I can do for you.

      Thank you, and good luck in all future transactions.