Paging Ukeaco - RESOLVED

Oct 22, 2008

    1. It's been a month - I haven't heard from Ukeaco regarding my head and the refund. Maybe messages aren't getting through, and Ukeaco hasn't been on DoA recently, but I'm worried.

    2. Spax13 ~ We will need more details in order to page this member. What was the transaction? Did it occur on this board? Has money exchanged hands? Etc.. Thanks!
    3. Hi -
      Yes, it took place on the board, and money changed hands. It's all in the GO thread and PMs here.

      I was part of the GO for the dreaming David Tennant head. Ukeaco was the US shipping point, and she generously offered faceups for $30. I paid for my part of the GO, shipping to me, and the faceup.
      The heads reached her in early August. After a few emails - on Sept.7 - she admitted she didn't have time to do it, said she'd refund the $30 for face-upping, and send me the head.
      I waited, sent a couple of messages, thinking my PMs didn't get through, and
      on Sept. 23, she said "Alright. Thank you. I'll have to get back to you on this next month (early). Right now things are hectic. I apologize profusely for the delay."

      I've sent 2 pms and at least one email since. No response. She hasn't been on DOA since 9/29.

      I'm not thinking malice on her part - I'm more inclined to suspect rl issues. However, I'd like to know what's up.
    4. Spax13 ~ Thank you for the information. ukeaco is now Being Paged. She was last on the board 21OCT.
    5. I am so horribly sorry. I feel incrediably awful about how long this is taking, but its either pay my rent or refund the two people. I am trying to get up the funds some other way, but it's very difficult, seeing as my hours have dropped off at work and I've had some very sudden expenses frequently and recently, most pointedly medical bills that my insurance didn't cover. I get paid tonight and I will try to pay at least one person back tomorrow, depending on how big my paycheck is. Once again, I'm enormously sorry. I've not forgotten you and I am definitely losing sleep over this.
    6. Good news. I do believe I'll be able to pay both people back.
    7. I got my payment back - now I'm just waiting for the head.
    8. Still waiting for the head.
    9. I got the refund, still no head, and if I didn't think I was throwing good money after bad, I'd just SEND the shipping money. It's $5 that I've already given you.
    10. Still nothing. Does anyone know her? Can anyone contact her? She disabled her email from her profile.

      This is truly uncool of her.
    11. She still has not, as far as I know, spent the $5 each to mail the two remaining heads to me or the other participant.

      Not okay at all.
    12. Just wanted to post to the thread that Ukeaco's e-mail is accessible again and she will not be able to change that while she is in the Unresolved Transactions usergroup.
    13. I just emailed her asking her to come up with the $10 and mail the heads to me and the other person from the GO.

      Seriously? She's got the head I paid $100 for. She HAD the money I spent for shipping, however, she chose to spend it on something else - she must have, because otherwise, she couldn't claim not to have the money to ship it.

      I'm not sure when, but at some point, I think this is moving towards "stolen head" territory.
    14. Sent her an email a week ago. No reply. At this point, I consider the head stolen.
    15. Ukeaco contacted me last Friday, and said she was mailing the head on Monday. She did follow through, the head arrived safely on Wednesday. She also sent me a stringing tool, and apologized.

      To her credit, she never tried to get pity for whatever real life situation caused this, even indirectly. She only mentioned that there were problems. To me, that makes it all the more likely that there were real issues.

      As far as I'm concerned, this matter's closed. I'm not holding a grudge. I have my head, I have my faceup money returned. I wish there had been more communication, but hopefully, she'll do that in the future.