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paging Ukitake - RESOLVED

Feb 10, 2009

    1. Ukitake posted a James Marsters minimee head on the marketplace on Jan11. I pmed her and we settled on a price of $110 which I paid by paypal on Jan12 She was to advise me the next day on the cost of postage and insurance, but I haven't heard anything from her since.
      I know Ukitake was having some RL problems and her signature does say she will be a bit slow in responding, but it has been a month without a word. I have sent several pms, at least two of which she should have seen according to when she last logged on.
      I would like Ukitake to either let me know the P&I (I've always expected to pay) and arrange postage, or refund me the $110 if she would prefer to keep the head.
      I have not lodged a paypal claim yet, but will do so before the time limit is up.
    2. I've sent kez a PM in respone
    3. I've heard from Ukitake and am confident this will be resolved soon!
    4. Ukitake has sent me shipping details, so I consider this resolved. I'm sure there would never have been any problems at all had she not been ill.