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Paging Ukitake - RESOLVED

Apr 1, 2009

    1. Has anyone heard from Ukitake at all lately?
      I really don't want to post here, since I know she's been having RL issues, but I was wondering if anybody had a way of contacting her?
      We started a trade back in december, and when her rl problems started we tried to figure out how to solve things in the simplest way possible, and in the end we discussed having a friend of hers take over for her (I had commissioned some outfits that her friend could finish in her place), so she was going to discuss things with her friend... And that was the last I heard from her, which was on the 18th of january.
      I pm:ed her again a couple of days back, but have yet to hear from her. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me contact her, I just want to know where things are currently at.

      Any help appreciated!
    2. Total_Disaster ~ has any money or items exchanged hands yet? Can you point us to the thread in which the commission was made available?
    3. The only thread that ever existed was my for trade thread, where I asked to trade my DZ HID for another doll/clothes. She contacted me through pm:s and asked if I'd be willing to trade for a couple of comissioned outfits, and I agreed. And yes, the doll in question was sent out and recieved by her. She did offer to send him back in case I didn't wan't to let her friend take over, but since I didn't mind if it took a bit longer than expected, I said it was fine, and that she and her friend should talk it over with each other. And that was the last time we were in contact.
      I'm still on the fence about wether I should be worried or not, I'd just really like to get ahold of her so I know when we might be able to finish the transaction. Or if she deems it impossible to finish, at least work something out, wether it be some sort of payment or sending him back to me.
    4. This matter has been resolved ^__^