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Resolved Paging Uldred

Mar 12, 2012

    1. Hello together,

      the last year I stardet with Uldred together a Minimee GO for a Alistair Head. All was fine and no problems.last year the heads arrived by Uldred.That was in november last yeahr.I has pay in january the shipping and custom for my head and she told she send it the next week to me,that was on 31.1.2012.
      The head not arrived an she don´t answer anywhere.The member kabane have the same problem whit Uldred and the same head.I see her everyday in ICQ but she no answer me,kabane was writing PM here..no answer...
      But on a german gothic side she still selling items since 21.2.2012...

      I only know from other users she will ending her doll life...but she still have our heads and money T_T

      Edit:Sry for my sooo bad english...
    2. I want to page her too u_u

      I was one of the buyers of an Alistair Head too. I really don't remember my payment-date, but it was somewhere in the last year, and I had contact with her till I pay the dutytaxes and the shipment from her to me. She told me, she would make me a faceup because it took so much time. But after that I didn't hear a word from her.
      I wrote her several messages on DoA and in a german bjd-forum too. But she didn't react, and she didn't replied my msn-messages either.

      I really want my head >_<!
    3. Uldred was last on the forum 9MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Nothing happening,no answer and no head. I reading from other member in Germany forum Uldred now in Germany and sending(???) the head from here...nur I paid for shipping from austria where she life!!! That are 5&#8364; mode I paid...
    5. Uldred was last on the forum 13MAR.
    6. She write me a message on other forum,she send the head to me and kabane.No tracking an no answer about this questions from her.
    7. Both items arrived according to the tracking numbers last week
    8. Please update this thread with resolution.
    9. I send the heads and got no affirmation that they arrived.
      I assume, that they must because I have checked the tracking numbers months ago.
    10. Would it be possible to page Shilen and Kabane? I would like to get this case closed
    11. Shilen was last on the forum 19SEP. kabane was last on the forum 29SEP. Both members are now Being Paged. Please post resolution into this thread.
    12. I got the head. I don't know on which date they arrived. Everything is okay now.
    13. Thank you for your response kabane. I hope, that you are enjoy your head.
      Sorry for paging you but it was the only way to close this thread.
    14. The head arrived
    15. Thanks closing this thread and lifting the paging on Shilen