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Paging Usagihime - RESOLVED

Nov 17, 2010

    1. I ordered wigs on 23rd July - around $180 worth.

      I have tried to contact her through PM's here (inbox full the last time I tried). Also tried contact with the email address in the thread and the web site - all with no response.
      Its far too late to go through Paypal with a dispute as they only give you 45 days to receive the goods.
      Feedback and previous orders looked fine - and no long waits were mentioned - so I went ahead and ordered.

      Not too sure what else I can attempt to try and get in contact and find out what is going on - and if there is any likelihood that I will receive the wigs - and if so - when that could possibly be.
      There has been a fairly recent post in the for sale thread that stated the MSN (offline) staing she was in hospital on the 15th Oct - over a month ago... and over three months after I placed and paid for the order.

      I do feel over 4 months is too long to wait for wigs - especially with no contact at all.
    2. Usagihime was last on the forum 24OCT. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Just made contact with Usagihime through MSN
      Meow was able to send a message for me - so I am chatting now.
      Usagihime is unable to log onto DOA and asked if I would pass the message on to anyone else trying to contact her - try MSN

      She will be sending my wigs tomorrow - she just got out of a long hospital stay.
    4. Please update when you receive the wigs.
    5. All is well now. I have made contact with Usagihime. She is having trouble logging into DoA.
      But my wigs arrived today. Very happy with them.
    6. Ahh I went back to edit the post with "resolved" - but find I cant edit.
      So just like to make sure everyone knows its resolved very amicably and all is well.