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Paging uzu-uzu - RESOLVED

May 24, 2007

    1. My doll was supposed to be picked up and sent to me a week ago ( the 17th) by UPS (next day air), and uzu-uzu has given me a tracking number, but the entire time the tracking number has been active, the status has been "Billing Information Received".

      I sent uzu-uzu an inquiring e-mail on the 21st; she has yet to reply. She also hasn't been on here since the 4th, according to her profile.

      This is pretty urgent, since I'm. Y'know. Moving several states away. In the next few days. >.> I don't mind requesting he be sent to a different address than the one I gave her previously, but I do mind her lack of contact when I'm in a fairly time-sensitive situation, she has my money, and the package doesn't appear to actually have been sent.

      Please, if anyone here chats with her or could drop her a line/phone call/whatever, I'd be so grateful. This seriously has me worried.

      The UPS tracking #:
    2. Still looking...?

      If I don't hear from her by Sunday, I'll be opening a Paypal dispute.
    3. I thought dolls in packages weighed more than 4 lbs. If you have a name and location for the seller, I can try to locate some more contact info, just send it in pm to me. Good luck!
    4. All I know about her is that she didn't have any neg feedback, also uses strawberrybloodsoda for her (empty) website and yahoo e-mail, and apparently has a really busy job that either takes her out of town or she took a break from around the eleventh.

      I don't know her LJ name, which is how one of her acquaintances helped me last time... and the last paging thread was supposedly resolved when I got the tracking number, so it's been deleted and I don't remember the member's name to ask him/her to help.
    5. That acquaintance would be me! She works for a company that does have her go off to a lot of conventions, esp. now because convention season for her particular industry is in full swing. Still, that's no excuse as to why she's flaked out on you. I've not seen her post anything lately at all. Her LJ username is also uzu_uzu. The last time she updated was four weeks ago. One of my friends is closer to her; I'll ask her if she knows anything. Good luck!
    6. This seems so long ago!

      I just wanted to see if alanahikarichan might log back in to show this as resolved.

      The doll's head was damaged when the package was returned to me. I refunded all of alanahikarichan's money and sent her body for free because of all the waiting she had to do.

      It's in her profile that she now owns a headless little leroi, so I don't know if that's proof enough that this transaction was resolved.

    7. uzu-uzu ~ She was last on the forum 20MAY. Why don't you pm a moderator?