Paging Vanillashine

Dec 11, 2006

    1. Vanillashine, I've attempted several times to contact you through email, PM, telephone, your recent eBay auction, your LiveJournal community, etc. to inquire about my comission. It would really put my mind at ease if you would please get back to me as soon as you can.

      You had claimed on your (now-deleted) LiveJournal that my comission was completed on November 19. I had already paid you money for shipping charges back to me, but if you need money to send my doll head back, please do not hesitate to let me know.

      Please return my property. Or at the very least, contact me to let me know what is going on.


      If anybody is in contact with Bev, could you please pass the word?

      Thank you so much :daisy

      Edit 1-27-07 I received my doll's head back on 1-9-07. The refund that was promised me by the following week has not arrived.

      Ashbet is still waiting for her doll head. :doh

      Edit 2-25-07 Ashbet has received her property back. Refunds are still outstanding.
    2. I would like everyone to know Bev does not work at Dollfair. She left in early November. If she is not returning your phone calls or emails.. I just want you to know she is not here at the shop. Please don't ask me to contact her for you, because honestly I don't know where she is living now.

      I have had several emails and phone calls from people whose doll heads are with Bev and are very late. I hope she will get in touch with them soon because I'm sure the owners would like their dolls to be home for Christmas.
    3. thanks for the info catrina. She told me pics this morning, and then pics today, i'm just getting tired of waiting, i just want athena back. :( Bumps for today.
    4. Bump. I still have not heard word about my doll.

      Vanillashine, I see that your last activity was on 12-11-06 on DoA. Please, please get back to me as soon as possible. This is stressing me out.
    5. nikittin, i sent her an email saying you were wanting to know the status of your doll, my advice is keep bugging her until she sends you something. She said she sent my head yesterday, but i haven't had a delivery confirmation number yet. were all crossing our fingers on this one, huh? i'll cross my toes too.
    6. Thank you for passing word to Bev.

      I'm sure your doll looks lovely - Bev is very talented. I hope you get that tracking number soon.
    7. yes, she is talented, but sometimes no matter how talented you are, communication is key to business, always letting your customer what's up and everything, at least i think so.
    8. Bump for you, because I know how awful it is to be waiting to get your doll back...
    9. still no delivery confirmation number, let's hope she did mail her out, and hopefully she'll be home today or tomorrow, sigh. :(
    10. Bumping for Nicky.
    11. Bev has always been really good with me on e-mails, and she's never just... so completely disappeared before... Is anyone else actually worried about Bev? Like... about the person? I'm worried. :(
    12. Yes, I am. And so are others.

      Thank you Connie for the bumps ^^
    13. yes, i'm worried, but it seems to me she was having computer trouble, and making excuses. When you have people's things that cost alot of money, and money they gave to you to do a service for them, the least you could do is keep in contact with them, if she was having personal problems, she shouldn't have opened more slots. And don't harp on me, i'm fed up, and i just want my girl back home.
    14. no athena today, she told me she would be here before my meet tomorrow. i would pay the extra for overnight shipping, at this point, i'll do anything to bring her home, it's like a piece of me gone away. :(
    15. I'd just like to say, I wasn't trying to 'harp' on anyone... I think it is important to realize sometimes, though, that artists are human beings first, and sometimes things happen that are out of the ordinary. Being quite so MIA is unusual for Bev. It isn't like her. So instead of being quite so ready to jump ship and abandon all your faith in her, maybe people could keep in mind that wherever she is, however she is, I am sure she's doing her best to keep everything together. It's barely been only what? A month? If that? Since she fell off the internet?

      A little patience and tolerance for human failings might be nice to see... especially around this time of year. I am sure everyone's property is in good hands, perfectly safe, and I hope things work themselves out in time for everyone who has business with Bev right now.
    16. I don't speak for everybody in this thread - just myself. But I just want to put it out there that this thread was intended to get the attention of the person I am seeking - Vanillashine.

      It is not a thread intended to create animosity towards Vanillashine. It is a thread paging her so she will contact me.

      I do not wish Bev any ill will - in fact, I hope and pray she is safe, healthy, and doing okay. I just want her to contact me as soon as she possibly can.

      This is not a witch hunt. This is a customer inquiring about a business transaction.
    17. yes, i am too worried, but i worked hard for my girl, and i would just like to know if she's going to come home soon anytime soon.
    18. Bumping again for myself and for the others that are waiting for vanillashine to update us.
    19. Wow, I certainly hope you all get intouch with her and I also hope nothing 'bad' happed to her, like an accident :aeyepop:
    20. I have received emails requesting phone numbers and addresses... I cannot legally do that.

      I am also worried about Bev personally. And since she persists in using my company's email in her marketplace thread, I have to say again: she does not work with me anymore. I'd really like her to stop using that email address because I think it misleads people in thinking she is still reachable here and that I have responsibility for her work.

      I will answer one person's email question: yes, this did happen when she was here. I got a series of desperate emails and phone calls in October and November from people who she would not communicate with regarding her custom work (which she'd had over two months, according to the callers). They were told she had computer and phone trouble too-- but at the shop we have five computers and high speed wireless, plus loads of shipping supplies and boxes. She used her own laptop in the shop and often sent me files by email, and there was never one bit of trouble. It's also very easy to get free access at libraries and other spots.. if there really is computer trouble.

      That being said, I think Bev is enormously talented. Most of the time we had a really enjoyable time working together. I was sorry things didn't work out for her here at my shop, but I do wish her the best.