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Paging VinylFaerie - RESOLVED

Jul 10, 2008

    1. I purchased on May 5th a BW Puki that VinylFaerie posted for sale here on DOA. I purchased said Puki and then asked if she would be willing to take in trade a Model Doll Huey Lewis head in trade to repaint said puki and her transformation parts into a White Tiger. She agreed and I shipped said head to her which she replied via a PM that she had. About 2-3 weeks later I heard she was done with said repainting and although never received preview pics took her at her word. She said she would ship said finished Tiger/Puki soon. I live in NW IL and VinylFaerie lives in Indianapolis, IN. It has now been two months and no Tiger. I have on occasion received PMs' here on DOA with apologies from her for the delay in shipping said item, but still no Tiger Puki. She has even offered to return head I sent for her as a trade for her work on Puki seeing as she took so long to ship my Puki Tiger. But regardless if she hasn't shipped Tiger Puki after 2 months I feel she is both ignoring me and making shipping an item harder then it really is. I understand we all have real life issues that effect us and our transactions. But I know both UPS and the USPS would pick up item if she pays for shipping on line. I simply want her to either ship my Tiger or refund me my money and ship me back the head as she has basically faulted on our deal and I have been more then fair and patient over the whole deal.

      I have been in touch with Moderator celticgeekess since last month when it seemed I had no idea if I was being ignored by VinylFaerie or if she had some problem with her computer. I was told she had been on line here so I am doing this as one last attempt if this doesn't do the trick. Negative feedback will be left for VinylFaerie.

      Thanks, Marie K
    2. Have not heard from VinylFaerie since last PM sent about June 10th. Good News is my CC company came through for me so at least not out the money paid for the Puki. But still lost the head I traded for the paint job. Due to hearing from a member here who also belongs to IN BJD site I do know she has been on line at least there but have no way of knowing when she is here. So going to be leaving negative feedback on her thread. I don't want to but keeping me in dark for so long and having me force my hand with CC company which put me at risk of having my PP account frozen as can happen according to BIL. I am sure she tried to get Puki to me, but over 2 months of waiting is just not good in my opinion for a business transaction.
    3. Your Puki was shipped already. Check your PM's for DC # & preview photo please.
    4. UPDATE:
      The Puki has been shipped as of today and I will be contacting my CC company as to what I should do with said Puki seeing as they have refunded what I paid for the most part for said Puki. If they (CC) wants their money refunded back this Puki will be up for sale. Or they could opt to take Puki in custody and offer it to an employee I have no idea as first time this has happened to me.
      Anyway item is on way and I feel once it is in my hands this issue has been resolved.
    5. UPDATE: The Puki has arrived as promised. He is in good shape and all items are with him that I was told of. All is well. MK