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Apr 19, 2009

    1. Well, I am not used to do this things, but my patience is over and damn, it lasted for 2 years.

      I gave a commission to VinylFaerie to paint a doll of mine 2 - TWO - years ago.
      I have sent her the doll and the money for the work and I am still waiting for it.
      I am a very calm and patient person so I wrote her after months asking how it was going and she replied, after days, that the doll was almost ready and she was ready to send me pictures too.
      This is the same reply she gave me 3 times during those years and all the time after that reply nothing happened and no photo was received by me...

      Well, I don't want to say she stolen my doll but, of course, try to be me and just tell me what I should think right now.
      I paid for a work and send away a doll I have never received back.
      I am still in her customization thread and the status of the work never changed...
      Right now I feel very angry cause she is going to make business in the forum as nothing is happened and she totally ignored my last inquiry.

      I wrote again a PM to her now, I will gladly post here her reply - if she will reply of course - where I wrote that I want my doll back and, at this point, I want my money back too.
      It is ridicolous that you take TWO years to make a custom dye on a doll and to totally ignore the person who paid and sent you a doll.

      I want (and I don't way "wish" on purpose, the time for the wish is over for me) my doll back and I want it now.
      I don't care anymore about personal problems or other stuff, I can be understanding with honest persons, but I have seen no honesty in this situation.

      I am waiting for a reply.
    2. Cenarius ~ VinylFaerie is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. This doll was highly damaged and has received several dye baths to cover discoloration. Other mods have also been completed. I can send back as is, or finish. It's up to you Cenarius. I would never steal anyone's doll. I am just very slow.
    4. I suppose you should tell someone who ask you for a commission that you are this slow. Two years to fix a doll? And of course the doll was sent to you cause you said you was able to fix it and you never said that you needed this ridicolous time to do the work.
      You should send it back to me finished, cause I have paid for it 2 years ago and I think I deserve it finished. If you have send back the other dolls and you are no longer accepting commissions, so my doll must be the only one you are working on... is this right?
      Until I have received my doll back in a decent condition I will not consider this transaction resolved.
    5. You are absolutely right! It's ridiculous. I will finish it ASAP and ship back to you. I am terribly sorry for the delay. I no longer take commissions because I am not organized enough to even realize it had been so long. If I *ever* do anything more complicated than just putting a doll in a box, I will hire someone to keep track of these things, because I clearly suck at it. I can't apologize enough. :(

      I'm sorry if my earlier response came off flippant. I did not mean it that way. I only wanted you to know I was now aware of the problem and awaiting whatever you wanted me to do. Please feel free to PM me with specific questions. I will do what it takes to make this as right as it can be made.
    6. Cenarius ~ Has resolution been met regarding this issue?
    7. Not yet. I am still waiting for my doll. No other updates about her has been sent to me.
    8. I am still working on it. I will send him back home as soon as I possibly can. I know your wait has been WAY too long. :(
    9. Update? Thanks!
    10. I am still waiting. Received no other updates after the last one.
    11. We are on july 27 and still I received no pm and no update from VinyFaerie.
      She logged on the forum the last time 06-11-2009 and than she disappeared.
      I don't think I will see my doll again. Maybe she has no time and no will to do the work she has been paid for and she has no will to send back the doll and the money to me.
      I am sorry to say this, but she is indeed a thief. She has my doll, my money and she doesn't want to give them back and refound me the money I paid.
      Well, there are no other words to describe it.
    12. VinylFaerie has had my doll for over a year. He is a kid delf Bory who is supposed to be tanned. My last communication with her was on 04-29-2009. If anyone has anyway of contacting her please pass that info on to me. I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!

      I've been gone for a while and now I can't find anything on her. Please help. I don't want to lose my boy!!!!
    13. Thank you. :) I tried the email option as well as contact another victim and the mod who handled their case. The sites listed are old so I don't think they will help much... If anyone was friends with VinylFaerie or knows info on current address/ email that would be most helpful.
    14. http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

      I know this has nothing to do with me, and mods, I do apologize. I noticed that Vinyl lives in the USA. The link above is a way to put in a theft complaints. The website can explain itself better than I ever could, but simply put, it's a way to contact the cops in the city the offender's in.
    15. I would like to extend a (much belated) apology to any of my customizing clients who are or have been unhappy with the ridiculous turnaround time of my shop. It was completely irresponsible of me and I'd like to make amends to any of you who may still feel unhappy about our transactions. I should have kept better records of how long dolls had been there and sent them back in a timely manner. I had some personal issues that affected my ability to work on dolls as well as transportation (and therefore shipping) for several months and ultimately caused me to move rather hastily, leaving most of my shop behind. That absolutely does not excuse my very irresponsible behavior towards my clients or the long delay in returning their dolls. Letting my own life get in the way of business (to that extent) might as well be as unprofessional as trying to keep a client's doll and I do know that. I never intended to keep anyone's doll, but it works out to the same thing in the end. I completely screwed up and I want to fix it, if possible. If there is anything that I can do now to fix the bad transactions in the past, please message me and I will do all that I can to resolve whatever unhappiness you might have. Even if you just want to yell at me, I understand that too. Again, I apologize and please let me know if there is anything I can do to make this right.
    16. The Mods are aware that some members have received their property back.

      Cenarius and Crou please let us know if your problem transaction has been resolved.
    17. VinylFaerie contacted me to propose a refound. I don't think anything can refound me after 5 years (I sent my doll to her in 2007), anyway I will see what she has in mind.
      I can't consider this transaction resolved in a positive way, even if I receive a proper refound, anyway. After 5 years I really can't.
    18. Please keep this thread updated. Thank you.
    19. I pmed VinylFaerie with terms for a resolved transaction.