Resolved Paging vivalidy - RESOLVED

Nov 4, 2011

    1. I'm not sure if this helps,
      just to see if there's someone here who knows her can contact her about this.

      vivalidy bought a doll from me on layaway 6 months ago, and agreed to
      send payment every month;
      complete the payment in Oct, 2011.

      I last heard from her was in mid-September, she told me that the funds were ready,
      but she was about to leave the country a week later, taking a one-month trip.

      She asked if the doll could arrive before she left, I wasn't sure about it so I didn't take the risk.
      She replied and promised to complete the payment before 29th Oct.

      It was 29thOct, neither I receive any payment nor seeing any update.
      Then a week passed, so now I'm here.
      She was eager to have the doll. I hope she can let me know what's going on.
    2. vivalidy was last on the forum 21OCT. She is now Being Paged.
    3. a quick update - vivalidy e-mailed me, apologized that shes having problems and asked me to wait for 2 more weeks (since 5th Nov)
      Just two more weeks it's ok since I've already waited 6 months.

      If I receive the payment by that time, I'll update this thread and end it resolved. Thank you
    4. vivalidy gave up the doll and it was sold to someone else. Please end it resolved.