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Paging vivi_121 and minyoo - RESOLVED MEMBERS MP BANNED

Apr 11, 2009

    1. It has taken me a long time to do this as I have tried numerous ways to get replies and answers to wha has happened, I know my messages are being read, but still I am getting ignored and so sent a message in last 24hrs, saying I was doing this and once again asking where is my comm and I want a refund.

      in August 2008 I sent a pm to vivi_21 asking if she could do a comm for me and enclosed pics..

      she said yes and as expected asked for a deposit, which I sent straight away via paypal.

      (Its for a Dr Who set of clothes)

      pm's below, all from August 2008 Need to be read bottom to top and all pm's are in black.

      FW: Hello
      We had received your payment.
      We will give you a notice after we finish the order.


      Originally Posted by mystical-maz

      deposit payment sent ^_^

      here are some other pictures

      The coat is fairly long as you can see in the pic and the shirt actually looks all white, so all white is fine, if you want any more pics let me know and thaks for doing this ^_^

      Regards Maz

      Originally Posted by vivi_121
      Hi dear:
      Thank you for your order.
      We paypal email:clamp-13@163.com
      Do you have any details on the coat request?
      If you have any questions, please~ PM to me. ^^

      Have a nice day~

      Originally Posted by mystical-maz
      That is brilliant ^_^ Thank you so so much, im happy to paypal a 30% deposit over to you.


      Originally Posted by vivi_121
      Hi dear,
      First, thank you for your like.
      We can make for your want.
      You need to pay $ 120 (not including postage), if you accept this price, we can help you to make, you need to pay deposit 30% , we will make picture for you, if you feel satisfied, then the re-payment surplus Under the, if not satisfied, we talk about withdrawal you deposit of 25%.
      Are you OK?

      Have a nice day~

      Originally Posted by mystical-maz
      Ive been looking at your work and wondered if you could help me..

      If you dont take commision work, then I apologies for contacting you ^_^ but as I want to buy a couple of your outfits youve listed I thought I would ask.

      Im looking for somone to make this.
      I want the long brown coat and blue suit, plus a light blue shirt with white collar for a SD13 boy.

      Then on 10-09-2008, 05:15 PM, I sent another pm, asking how things were going....

      FW: Hello
      Clothing is nearing completion.Please then wait a little .Because the fabric, so the bills are in order to better

      Have a nice day~

      Originally Posted by mystical-maz
      Good morning.

      Hope you are well.

      I just wondered how my comm is coming along.

      Regards Maz

      Then I was sent some pictures by minyoo, saying needed bit more work

      Hello Dear~
      Because the production of materials, your order has been delayed ~ We are very sorry, thank you for your patience ~

      In addition to the button, your clothes will be completed.


      Now there is the question I would like to ask you~


      The button on the Coat is opened in an ONE or TWO in the relatively well?
      Thank you!



      Which I said were brilliant and ok and could not wait to get them..

      then nothing,...

      so sent a message on 03-25-2009, 01:38 PM

      Re: Hello

      Im wondering what is happening with this comm, it had been a very very long time and was told months ago it would be ready soon.


      nothing.. just ignored...

      so sent another one 03/31/2009...

      Please can you let me know what is going on with the comm for the outfit you agreed to do, I have paid already 30% deposit and was told last year on 10-09-2008, 05:15 PM it was nearly finished.. it has been over 7 months as you agreed to do it on 08-19-2008, 06:04 PM and I paid the deposit a few days later.

      Thank you.


      I know she is reading them but nothing..

      I also sent pm to minyoo, who is her partner in this and got a reply re my comm, which is below... this was 04-01-2009, 02:05 AM

      Re: Hiyas
      Oh~~I am sorry~~This is our mistake,, I will query this question and to you as soon as possible.

      If you have any questions, please~ PM to me.
      Have a nice day~

      Originally Posted by mystical-maz
      I wonder if you can help

      I comm a outfit from vivi_121 after viewing your thread last year, paid a deposit, was sent photos in Oct and was told would be ready very soon, that was 5 months ago.. ive been waiting about 7 to 8 months and nothing... I have pm'd vivi_121 and no reply.. please you seem to work together and I want my money back... this is a long time for a comm.

      Please can you help me get a message to vivi_121


      and then once again nothing, I have sent further pm's asking for my money back, info etc and nothing, they are being read but ignored..

      both of them entered into this transaction 8 months ago.. and im very upset and angry... I trusted them to do this as new there work was good.. but im out of money, no comm, which wanted for a show..

      (I hope this all makes sense as im not very good at doing things like this)

    2. I have just received a pm from vivi_121

      I will keep updating the thread
    3. mystical-maz ~ What is the relationship between these two members? Is the commission thread still on the forum?
    4. both of them run this thread below


      and I originally asked/pm'd vivi_121 about doing the comm, which she agreed and then minyoo sent me the near completed pics of the outfit, as seen above.

      They both post in the above thread about the sales, so presume they both make the items. Also they both are using this email:clamp-13@163.com for messages and paypal, as its the one vivi_21 sent me to pay the 30% deposit and its the one minyoo is using in the sales pages for email contact.
    5. Sorry also wanted to add, the pm's were all signed M.S which is the thread company name they are both using.
    6. also paypal payment details.

      Transaction Details

      Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID #3X99067 full number on request)

      Original Transaction
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      20 Aug. 2008 Payment To 刘 芳 Completed ... -$40.00 USD

      Related Transactions
      Date Type Status Details Amount
      20 Aug. 2008 Add Funds from a Bank Account Completed Details £22.08 GBP
      20 Aug. 2008 Currency Conversion Completed Details -£22.08 GBP
      20 Aug. 2008 Currency Conversion Completed Details $40.00 USD

      Sent to:
      刘 芳

      Amount sent:
      -$40.00 USD
      Fee amount:
      $0.00 USD
      Net amount:
      -$40.00 USD (equals -£22.08 GBP)

      Conversion from:
      -£22.08 GBP
      Conversion to:
      $40.00 USD
      Exchange rate:
      1 British Pound = 1.81159 US Dollars

      20 Aug. 2008
      21:31:05 BST

      刘 芳
      this is deposit for outfit ordered via Den of Angels of a coat/suit/shirt in style of Dr Who for Boy SD13. Mystical_maz from DoA, rest of $80 plus shipping due on completion. Thanks Maz ^_^
      Postal Address:

      deleted for privacey

      United Kingdom
    7. Below are the pm's received this afternoon, hopefully this means that it is soon to be sorted and as soon as the outfit arrives or there is further information I will update here.

    8. First of all, there's some mistake in our work and I feel sorry for makeing you uncomfortable. We usually use the ID minyoo when we login to the thread. Sometimes the messages which has been sent to vivi_121 can not be noticed immediately. I will discuss this with her . Have a nice day!
    9. I have been contacted by them, they sent me a tracking number which is working so hopefully my outfit should be here soon, I will update the thread as soon as know more.
    10. not sure what is going on..

      track number worked for a while.. then vanished doesnt work in UK or on Chinese EMS site.

      I have phoned Parcelforce and also UK customs and they both say doesnt exist, they have tried the EMS number, my postcode, my address and name, nothing, I am very confused.
    11. Not sure what happened here, parcel has vanished apparently, parcelforce, customs,EMS sites say it doesnt exist.

      minyoo sent me a message and offered without asking to refund me my original deposit payment and also some extra as an apology.

      If for any reason the outfit arrives in the future, then I will either return the outfit or refund the money whichever minyoo prefers.

      So as far as it can be, this is resolved.
    12. The outfit has finally arrived, as it was apparently returned to minyoo the 1st time she posted it and I am going to refund the payment I was sent as an apology.

      This transaction is finally finished.