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Paging: Weaker! [Resolved - Package has arrived]

Mar 15, 2007

    1. 3.29.07 - The package from Weaker safety arrived. The eyes were in condition described by the original sales thread and she included a small deck of cards, chocolates, and most importantly a note. Weaker apolgized once again for the delay.

      As such I will be leaving neutral feedback in Weaker's feedback thread. I appreciate Celebare's efforts on my behalf, and Weaker's apologies and efforts to get my eyes to me. I consider this matter closed, but ask this thread remain as part of Weaker's feedback.

      Thanks everyone!


      3.25.07 - I read the PM Weaker sent to me. She apologized profusely, stating that an unexpected real life situation had occurred, wherein she forgot to send out the eyes. She stated the eyes would be sent out and get to me within a week and apologized again.

      I want to thank Celebare for getting in touch with Weaker in real life. And also to thank Weaker, even though there has been a huge delay, there is little doubt in my mind that she was not, in anyway, trying to cheat me or anything of that sort. Her response to my earlier messages was always prompt and polite, so when she stopped coming online I figured something else was going. Life happens, but I'm glad she's gotten back in touch with me. :)

      I will update this thread once I receive the eyes. Thank you!


      3.24.07 - Weaker sent a PM to me.


      3.18.07 - Celebare has kindly offered to get the eyes from Weaker, if they are still in Weaker's possession, at the end of the week or so. Yay!


      Does anyone here know Weaker in person or has some way to contact them offline?

      I inquired about a pair of eyes they were selling on 2.11.07, and paid the next day with paypal on 2.12.07. One 2.27.07 I recieved my last communcaition with Weaker stating that the eyes would be sent out on Saturday; they had waited to only make one trip to the post office, since they also sold something else. I was fine with this.

      I figured the eyes would be sent out on 3.03.07, I waited a week for them to show up. When the package did not arrive, I PMed Weaker several times, and also added their AIM screenname to my list so I could try to talk to them online. Their account does not allow DoA members to email them through the forum, so I do not have that email address. Unfortunately, the last time Weaker was online on DoA was 3.06.07, and I have not been able to contact them via AIM.

      I will file a paypal claim on 3.23.07 if I have not heard anything by then (this is within my 45 day window). If anyone knows Weaker please tell them to contact me somehow, I understand if life has gotten in disarray but some kind of communication would be much appreciated.

    2. Bump!

      Any help would be appreciate greatly. :)
    3. Bump for the update, just as a general FYI.
    4. But for update, another general FYI. :)
    5. Bump for the last update! I got my package. :)

      Please leave this thread up as part of Weaker's feedback. Thanks very much. :)