Paging Wee_Little_Faerie - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jun 8, 2009

    1. Ugh... I really don't want to do this but she hasn't been on DoA for over a week so here it goes:

      I bought a pair of Pukisha plates from another user off the market place and had them shipped directly for WLF for faceups and ear removal. She messaged me on 04-09-2009 telling me that her room mate had let her know the faceplates arrived at her house

      Now, she informed me before I had the plates sent to her that she was in the middle of moving and it might take a while for her to get all her face-up materials in order to do the face-ups. I told her that was fine. On 05-07-2009 she sent me pics of the faceup, I approved and she said she would send them out ASAP

      Because of all the delay she only charged me $20 for the face-ups apposed to $40 which is the norm. I appreciated this and paid her $25

      I messaged her on 05-15-09 to ask her if she shipped the packaged b/c I hadn't gotten them yet. She told me that she shipped them out Monday which would have been the 13th even though she told me on the 7th that she was going to send them out the very next day.

      I message her again on 05-18-2009 asking her to confirm the address she sent them to, afraid she sent them to my college. She answered on 05-20-2009 telling me:

      So, that was on 05-20-2009.

      I messaged her on 05-22-2009 asking if she got the tracking number, she did not reply. I messaged her again on 05-26-2009 asking her again for the number she replied to me on 05-27-2009

      I have not heard from her since, b/c she hasn't been on the forum since I set her anther message on 06-02-2009 asking again for an update.

      Today I sent her an email to her paypal address:


      You haven't been on DOA for over a week so I'm trying this in hopes of getting a responds. You still haven't given me a tracking number that you promised and the faceplates are still no where to be seen. I think that it is time to go to the place you sent them out and ask for reimbursement, the total would be $85: $30 for each faceplate plus the $25 that I paid you for the face-up. If the faceplates ever do show up miraculously I will happily send you back the $25. I hope you respond quickly.


      I think this is a reasonable request on account of it being 2 months since she originally received the plates.

      I just want to make sure this all gets worked out.

      I was also hoping to find out if there are other people waiting for stuff from her becuase she was eluding to this fact.

      thank you,
    2. I am actually her roomate and shes been out of town, but she'll be home tonight so I'll let her know about this and to cheek her email first thing.
    3. Wee_Little_Faerie was last on the forum 27MAY, she is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated!
    4. Hello, I'm also a friend of Wee_Little_Faerie's. Right now she is dealing with a very serious family emergency. I spoke with her today, and her work has recovered the packages they'd misplaced, and will be responsible for shipping them out. So all packages are safe and accounted for.
    5. thank you so much for letting me know guys, sorry to hear that she is having family issues.
    6. I'm not sure should I put this down here as reference?

      I paid US$90 for a LittleFee Flora Open-Eyed Faceplate on May 8th.
      She confirmed she received the payment and has been sent on May 27th.
      But still I haven't received anything from her.
      I emailed her again yesterday and I'm still waiting for her reply.....
    7. thanks for posting, I'm glad to see I'm not the only one waiting. It looks like, according to her friends, that our packages have been retrieved from whatever place they have been lost and should be on their way some time shortly. I still have not heard from WLF
    8. I am glad I found this thread, and am not the only one waiting. I bought a Puki Antoinette outfit from her over a month ago. Sent her a PM, when I did not receive it after a couple of weeks.

      :( She said she would send them and I would get them around Memorial Day. Nothing yet. Hope everything is ok with her.
    9. It's been 4 days since WLF's room mate said she would be home and she still has not been online to offer anyone any sort of explanation, all the info we are getting is second-hand. I understand family emergencies but when you have people waiting on stuff they paid for over a month ago it is your responsibility to keep them updated on the situation.....
    10. Still no sign of WLF and no answer to my email..... anyone else get anything?
    11. Nothing yet here either, unfortunately. :(
    12. Me too, no parcel, no email nothing....:(
    13. I just sent GothicKDM a PM, perhaps we will get some new info


      I'm sorry to get you involved in this as it isn't you problem or your transaction, but I was just wondering if you could give the people waiting on our packages an update on WLF's status. Is she planning on coming back online to deal with this issue? Thank you so much for you time

    14. I left her a message and talked to her today, she is going to be taking care of things as soon as she can, this was a very unexpected family emergency.
    15. It's been a week and still nothing.... WLF still has not been online
    16. Eeek! I hope everything is o.k. with her family situation!!

      I sent her my Baha for a full-body paint on 5-23-09 though I lost contact with her when I saw that she had not been online since 5-27-09. I don't know if she has started my commission yet, but our agreement was that I would pay her when she finished the paint job.

      I don't think she's trying to scam or anything, though an update would have been nice! However I understand that important matters in the real world come up! I'm patiently waiting for more news and I hope everything in her personal life clears up quickly. I'm excited to see her work on my baha!

      I just wanted everyone to know that I'm waiting on stuff, too! ^_~
    17. I'm also waiting for a package from her, my pukisha that she was fixing and painting. I'm waiting for news of it but my dad has opened a claim against her without telling me. He is the one with the paypal in the house, I'm hoping to hear from her to stop my dad's claim and to hear about my doll.
    18. Should I open a claim too which I really not want to do?
      I really understand family is very important but I think at least she must get online to say something.... It takes almost 7 weels now...
    19. its too late for me, nearly 3 monts.... I'm really hoping she can get the packages to us.
    20. I kind of agree that she should have found a minute to at least post something about her situation just to reassure us... she does good work and has a good track record, and in a way she's kind of shooting herself in the foot for not letting everyone know what's going on. From what I've seen she's very talented and if she can't get back to us soon she risks ruining her otherwise good reputation.