Paging Whippy - RESOLVED

Apr 24, 2009

    1. Whippy hasn't been on in a while but im concerned because she has had my dolls head for faceup since January. =[ I haven't heard anything from her since late February. Ide like to sell the doll head she has in her possession right now but it doesn't have a faceup yet and she hasn't replied to my pms. I hope shes ok *_* I just would like my dolls back >.<
    2. Half.Jak ~ whippy was last on the forum 5MAR. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with any resolution.
    3. Whippy has gotten in contact with me through email. Her msn isnt working she said and she hasnt been on doa in a while. We are now exchanging emails. To be resolved soon =] Thanks. You can go ahead and delete this.
    4. She still has my head. Since like...December. Ide like it back. Please.
    5. Still no reply I don't think ill ever get my doll head back. If anyone hear anything about this member please contact me.
    6. Whippy's friend contacted me a few weeks ago telling me that she was her friend in real life and whippy has been busy with an email box spammed full and couldn't get on msn. I gave her my email address to pass on to whippy. And yet I still haven't heard from her. No news on the status of the faceup completion. No anything. I havent had contact with her since...I don't have the pms anymore but it was a loooong while ago. =\ I just want my dolls head back.
    7. Whippy finally emailed me. Explained everything. I will post when I get my doll and refund.
    8. Posted head and refunded~! do lemme know when she arrives.
      Btw, I got her early Feb not Dec ^^;
    9. Finally got my head back. this is resolved.