Jul 28, 2009

    1. Hi,

      I bought and paid for a dot ducan outfit from Whitlock on 7/14 and as of 7/23 they admitted to not shipping it yet. Since then I have tried to contact them and have received no response. I am looking for a response of any type from them.
    2. Whitlock was last on the forum 23JUL. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I've sent her a pm on 28th july in regards to her Chrom splits update, waiting for her response as well. I hope she will response asap because the communication during the organizing of splits was prompt.
    4. I sent the full payment for my Chrom head on 19/6.

      The last PM I received was on 21/6 regarding order invoices etc. I have heard nothing since and am rather concerned that it has now been over a month.

      I really hope she gets in contact soon because, although I hate to assume the worst, a lot of money has been invested in this split and I'm sure none of us want to lose it.
    5. I should add that I have emailed her asking her to contact those on DoA in the splits. If she does not reply soon (although I do think she will, she has been prompt and courteous until now) I will consider action.
      I'm not sure till now the 2nd payment of the splits were made to Soom or not since there wasn't any updates on the thread after 8th of July.
      I've search our order #20090606001914707MC on Soom Q&A and only saw payment #1 thread but not payment #2. I'm sure our payment #2 is long due.
      Whitlock, please get back to us as soon as possible. I don't want soom to cancel our orders.
    7. Wow, I've sent her the 3rd payment for Chrom head (I'm in the split, too) on 22 July 2009 - early, since I'm going on vacation soon - and I didn't get any reply, but didn't really think about it. Now you've made me worry... I'm leaving this saturday and will be offline for some 2 weeks, so I really hope it'll resolve soon. Last update in the split thread is from 7.07, and since then I've already completed my payment for the head... I hope she's all right.
    8. I'm really sorry to do this as Whitlock was very nice and willing to work on the price with me but I feel very unhappy with the doll I received and need to get in contact with Whitlock. I know you told me you work 2 jobs and probably have been busy but I would like to get this settled as quickly as possible. If anyone knows her in person please let her know that I must get in contact with her! And apparently I'm not the only one.

      I received a DOT Ducan from Whitlock and was horrified at the way he was shipped, with no care whatsoever, no bubble wrap, no padding, no extra box, no nothing. This lack of care caused him to loose a finger. But this is not my only issue. The doll was not as described. There are stains on his legs I'm not sure I'll be able to get out. And his faceup is a complete mess. There are chips in the faceup on chin, cheek and one on an upper lid and several red and black marks.

      Basically the doll was NOT as expected, shipped poorly, and I don't feel was worth the price I paid. I'm hoping either for a partial refund or a full refund with return of the doll. Thank you.

      I was not advised of any of this but was in fact reassured that the doll was in perfect condition with only a small chip on his left knee.
    9. I'm not related in any transactions with this member, but I found something which may not be true but could be the reason why she isn't answering. Whitlock might actually be moomoosmommy, a previously banned member:
      I have reason to think it's her because I was looking for commissionable hooves and found this locked thread here:

      Moomoosmommy made a post with her photobucket account here:

      and if you check the account's pictures, you'll find pictures that are posted by whitlock here:

      and here:
    10. Thank you, Jirachi! The moderators are now investigating this very serious issue.
    11. Her email was

      This is really bad, I've already paid for the chrom human head in full amount with shipping included at $143.40 USD.
      I've already contacted Soom in regards to the order number and request to know if any 2nd payment was made. I don't wanna lose our money and our orders all at the same time.

      I hope she can stand up and speak and explain for all these that have been mentioned here.
    12. I have also check out her previous feedback regarding a heliot transaction

      but shortly after that she post a WTB for glot & glati

      and i have also reach for our order number for chrom splits at Soom Q&A board, only to find that payment #1 was made but no news of payment #2. Waiting for Soom's answer at the moment in regards to any payment made after the first payment.
    13. I hate to panic everyone but this previous banned member moomoosmommy, judging by the photobucket link, shares the same email as whitlock . The alarm bells just starting ringing quite loudly.

      Since I'm runnig out of time to do so, I'm filing a Paypal claim tomorrow if I get no reply. Perhaps that will get her attention and get her back here to explain.
    14. I would also advise anyone else who is in the split to consider a Paypal claim if they are able to do so, looking at those links has made me exceedingly suspicious >.>
    15. I paid in full for a chrom head in a split as well!
    16. I received an PM from meeve who told me that both this banned member and whitlock have the same email address for their Photobucket accounts and that both people in their photos look near exactly the same.

      I am sad to say it is likely we have a fraudster on our hands here :doh
    17. The last direct correspondences I had was with the Chrom splits (I have a Super Gem body involved in the split). both times I had sent Whitlock payment, she was very prompt in replying she had received.

      I will be PM-ing her and e-mailing her at the address for paypal to see if I may be able to receive a response by the end of tomorrow.

      I want to give this person the benefit of the doubt given how prompt she has been with me in regards to my payments. She was very understanding when I was ill for the first split payment for June (I had mono and was unable to use the computer when the payment became due); she's been very prompt with me.

      The evidence is concerning, however she may be sick or something else since first payment has been received. She had also PMd the group for July's payment reminding everyone to pay so she could give payment to SOOM. Does anyone know if all payments were received?
    18. Yes, whitlock's email is
      with the help of google i found this

      and the photobucket acct of banned member moomoosmommy is:
      at page 6
      this image is exactly the one used in modelmayhem acct

      and in that modelmayhem acct, the email acct indeed belongs to Whitlock, so moomoosmommy and Whitlock are the same person.
    19. I agree Gular I would prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt but the evidence, that meeve has kindly provided, is mounting.

      A lot of people's money is at stake here and I would hate for everyone to lose it. I am filing a Paypal dispute tomorrow as I still have the time to do so. This will hopefully grab her attention and get her back over here to explain.
    20. Yes, i would also love to give her a benefit of doubt because her communication was great 1-2 mths ago but finding such evidence is indeed very worrying because she had a sum of money with her right now for the split which we do not know if that sum of money have went to Soom for the 2nd payment. (I'm already checking it out)

      I'm sorry to do this to Whitlock, however i have to do all this to protect us from a potential fraud especially after Jirachi provide a super important clue.

      Regarding the split, we have to work it out with her, paypal and Soom.