Paging Wind_Barot - RESOLVED

Dec 7, 2009

    1. I know that you usually wait longer before you page someone, but I am concerned. I had put out a WTB thread wanting to join a split for Galena. Another member and I were working out the details of a split when Wind_Barot asked to run it. We agreed to let her do it and I sent my first payment. Then the other member found out how much we would have to pay to get our items from Brazil (where Wind_Barot lives) and decided to drop out. I discussed my concerns with Wind_Barot, who said we would work something out, but that she wanted to continue to do the split. After more thought (and a financial crisis caused by a contractor), I regretfully decided that I could not afford it either and PM'd Wind_Barot on Dec. 1 to tell her so that she would have time to join another split for her parts. I requested a refund when the PayPal payment went through on her end, since I could not cancel it. I made sure to tell her that I would reimburse her for any PayPal expenses she incurred. She did not answer me, so a couple of days later I emailed her through through the contact feature here on DOA and did not receive a response. I PM'd her again last night, still no response.

      The refund is not so much the issue as that I do not Wind_Barot to order a whole doll that she can not afford. I would appreciate it if she could be paged so that I know she's received my messages. I know there has been trouble with the servers and I'm afraid my messages have not reached her.
    2. Wind_Barot was last on the forum 30NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you, Zagzagael. I wouldn't page her if the matter weren't time sensitive.
    4. Wind_Barot contacted me today and was kind enough to refund me. She has apparently been sick, but is fortunately better now. I consider this matter resolved.