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Paging XBlackxRainbowX - RESOLVED

Oct 5, 2008

    1. I hate to do this...I really do. ><

      I started a commission with XBlackxRainbowX way back in july. I confirmed that she would be doing a few piercings to my boy, since she was doing them for free at the time, and we would fill out details when his head arrived.

      I believe I sent the head out within a day or so of confirming that it was okay for him to be MSD, since she said she didn't work with MSDs very often when it came to piercings. The confirmation was 7/20.

      She kept in great contact with me, and since it was my first ever commission and my first ever mail-out of any part of my boy, I was extremely nervous. She dealt with that very well, and assured me as we went.

      Come august there hadn't been too many updates. I had been expecting some pictures, since her thread said she'd give pictures as she did the piercings...mind you, I ask for..I think...three or four holes in one ear, and one or two in the other, as well as a bellybutton piercing. But, there was another person ahead of me, so I assumed that she was working on them, and she did tell me that there were some problems with IRL at the time, which I'm not going to state.

      Near the end of august I PMed her and asked how he was doing. She said that he was half way finished, still with no pictures, and I asked if it would be okay if she could send him out by the first of september, because I had a convention on September 14th, and wanted to have him for the con. She replied very quickly and assured me that she'd have him sent out.

      I never received word of if she did or not...so, I PMed her and she assured me, the week before the convention, that she would send him that week. I figured he'd get here in time, so I didn't complain.

      He didn't show up, so I PMed her after the convention. It took her a few days to reply, but I finally got a reply around the 18th of September...

      She explained that she was very afraid to tell me something. She claimed that she had lied and told me that he was almost finished, when he hadn't been started, I assumed, and that she had begun to do his piercings(She had previously warned me that she could not do four holes, because the ear might break). She said that after she had told me that he was almost done that she started him, and as she was doing one of the holes, a piece of his ear had broken off.

      So, obviously I was a bit shocked, but I decided that it was my own fault for asking her to go on with three holes. So, I assured her that it was fine, and that I really just wanted him back, because he had been gone since July. She offered for her fiance to fix his ear, since she did mods and such, or that she could pay me 50$ to get him repaired, or pay 50$ a month until I was able to afford a new head for him. I agreed to allow her to try and fix the broken ear(Mind you I still have NO pictures of him whatsoever, I guess I should have asked).

      After I asked her to try and fix him, I gave it some time. I did PM her again near the end of september, and she said that her fiance was going to try and fix him. I PMed her on the 1st of october to ask how everything was--and never received a reply. I gave it until today, then I sent her another PM.

      I stated in this PM that I wanted him back, fixed or not, and I wanted the 50$ so I could purchase a new head, or send him off to get him fixed(which is unlikely either way), by the 10th...and wanted a tracking number. I attached a receipt to the PM so i knew when she read it, so I know if she is ignoring me or not.

      I got in contact with her fiance, who apologized for not being able to fix him, which really wasn't her job since she wasn't the one I commissioned from. I said it was fine, and she said that she would get Rainbow to send me a message when she got home from work. i guess they've been busy lately with work and such, which is understandable, but I had sent her the PM on the 1st, and she had made at least one post to the forums each day since.

      I checked the receipt just now(2:20am mountain time) and found that she had read the message at about 1:01am mountain time. Now, I wouldn't think this weird, but it was a very stressed PM and I said I expected a reply, and I also asked her fiance to ask her to reply as well. But, lo and behold, I have no reply...therefore I'm starting this up so I can keep up with updates and such.

      I am in no way trying to be mean or anything, all I want is my boy and the money('refund') that I was offered to replace the head. The fact that I have been assured over and over that he will be sent out within a week--and I dont hear from her for days or weeks worries me. And, honestly, makes me wonder if there's more to it than just an ear break.

      So, please give me an update so I know what's going on! This is the only way that I could think to get your attention!
    2. Oops...adding that I paid for shipping there, and when she said she was going to ship him back I sent her the requested amount of money to have him sent back. This was back in august.
    3. She PMed me this morning and said that she would be PMing me a tracking number by monday, as well as sending money by midnight.

      Not yet resolved cause I haven't received the head and torso back yet... ><;;
    4. -- All but resolved. Doll and payment sent.
    5. Yep, doll and money sent. I'll update when his pieces get here.
    6. Received him today. The damage wasn't as bad as I thought, but he was a bit dirty x-x; Resolved! Thank you!