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Jul 28, 2009

    1. On 07/01/09, I PMed xbxhome about an SD13 NS normal leg boy body she was selling in the Marketplace. I was looking for a body to match my Madoka one-off head.

      Her sales thread

      She wanted $399 (which included a $50 non-refundable deposit) + PayPal and shipping fees, which I considered fairly reasonable when I saw her post.

      Here is a screen-cap of her sales thread. PLEASE NOTE that below the picture it also says the body will be shipped with the FCS box, which it did not.

      My original message to her was thus:
      Her initial response to me:
      She had initially misunderstood me about what I was trying to do; I meant that I would buy the normal leg body from her and trade with a friend of mine, who had a long leg body I wanted. When I asked about the age and condition of the doll, it states clearly in her response that "it's not brand-new, but [kept] in good condition," that there weren't ANY markings or ANY yellowing whatsoever. Since the body was around 2 years old, and judging from the photo she posted, I believed her.

      However, when I paid off the body on 07/17/09 after a short layaway, what arrived to me on 07/25/09 was indeed NOT a doll body kept in "good condition" with no scars or yellowing. Firstly, I was quite horrified to see that the customs form on the outside of the box had the item declared as a "teddy bear" worth "$18 USD." I never told nor asked xbxhome to lie about the contents and worth of what she was sending to me. I'm afraid my disappointment only furthered when I opened the box and discovered the FCS box was missing, an old, worn pair of gothic-style boots had been included as a "free gift," and the body itself was in horrendous condition and not at ALL what had been shown and described in her original sales post.

      Customs form (my info blurred out)

      Close-up of "teddy bear"

      Shipping box + packing

      Body 1
      Body 2
      Body 3
      Body 4
      Body 5
      Body 6

      The body itself was so tightly strung that I couldn't even lift the s-hook out from the neck. When I took the body into natural sunlight, I could clearly see the uneven streaks of yellow running up and down the sides, back, and front of the doll. It was even more obvious in the joints. Upon closer inspection, I discovered thin scratch marks (most likely from sandpaper) all over the doll. I wish I could have captured the scratches, but they are too fine to show up on my camera. Rest assured they are quite visible to the naked eye.

      This is quite a far cry from what xbxhome had described as a doll body kept in good condition with absolutely no markings or yellowing. The haphazard sanding job was done to disguise the fact that this body is most likely significantly older and/or in worse condition than she had falsely represented in her sales thread.

      Here is my PM to her after receiving the doll:
      Here is her response to me:
    2. I have sent two read-receipt PMs to xbxhome since our last communication on 07/25/09, both of which have gone unread. They are as follows:

      Sent on 07/25/09 @ 9:38pm
      Sent on 07/27/09 @ 9:10am
      xbxhome said on 07/25 that she would indeed refund me the cost of the doll, save for the $50 non-refundable deposit, which she claims I owe her since I am, in essence, reneging on my purchase of the doll body. However, I do not feel that she is entitled to ANY of my money, because she misrepresented the doll's condition both in her sales thread and in her descriptions to me via PM when I asked her directly about it.

      I have filed a dispute with PayPal for the $50 deposit, but unfortunately the rest of my transactions with her are apparently not actionable, since I had marked them as "Payment Owed" and not for "Payment of Goods," which is absolutely ludicrous. But if xbxhome honors and follows through what she says she'll do, then I should be getting the rest of the money back. I absolutely refuse to send her a body without hearing from her and getting my refund first.

      I am not a flakey buyer, I have never had an issue buying from anyone on DoA before, and I wouldn't start now. But I feel xbxhome is clearly trying to take advantage of me and make a huge profit on a doll that is pretty much in crap condition. Had xbxhome been up front and honest with me about the TRUE condition of the doll, I never would have purchased it from her. Who would spend $400 for something that damaged unless they were being misled and lied to?

      Mods, if it is possible, I would like this to serve as a paging thread for now and an unsatisfactory thread when the situation is resolved. I have not heard from xbxhome in over 48 hours and I have also not received any type of refund, be it partial or full.

      Buyers, beware! I'd hate for xbxhome to sell this body to some other unwitting party.
    3. Just a quick note - Upon further inspection of the photos I posted, in the 6th one you can see numerous scratches on the fingertips.
    4. xbxhome is now Being Paged. She was last on the forum 25JUL. Please keep this thread updated.
    5. Update: I called PayPal this afternoon and talked with a representative about my options. Unfortunately he confirmed that because I had marked the payments for the doll body as "Personal," PayPal does not view this as a payment for goods and therefore they can take no action on this.

      He tried calling the number xbxhome had provided and there was no answer, so he left a message. He told me he would try calling again a bit later to see if he could get in touch with her. All he needs is an "okay" from xbxhome to reverse the transactions and refund the money I had sent to her. This should not be an issue for her, since she has already agreed via PM on 07/25/09 to refund the cost of the body/fees, minus the $50 deposit. (Regarding the $50, I have filed a dispute as of last night with PayPal, since it was not marked "Personal" and is therefore actionable.)

      Here is my latest PM to xbxhome, sent today just a few moments ago:
      My advice for anyone making layaway payments through PayPal: DO NOT mark it as "Personal" when you send money, because if something goes wrong there isn't a way for you to get it back, at least not through PayPal. I wish I would have known this beforehand.
    6. Me too I have a little something from the same user. I dont want to make trouble or anything but I had to let know..

      I purchased an Angell Studio girl Kana the 3 of July. She/he said that the doll was in perfect shape since she keep her in a box all the time. She/he posted the doll the 17 of July, and the 15th of July xbxhome edited his post and when I wanted to have a direct link to see the girl im gonna get soon on the original website of AS I saw that he/she added: There's a flaw on her inboard knee, but it's not evidently when u take photo. It was not there when I bough the girl. And when I got the girl today she missed a really big chunk of resin. Its not something that make the doll stand bad but when I open the bag to take my new doll its the first thing I saw, seriously.

      You can also see on her/his post that the Doll is in perfect shape and after its written that the doll have a flaws on the knees, and this is not what I call a small flaw...

      xbxhome was kind to give me a kind of shirt and a wig but can I ask a refund because it was not there when I bough her, instead maybe I was not interested to buy her anymore if I saw this before, I dont like when my dolls have something broken on them.. I know the doll was cheaper by the start but they were no place that it was written that she had a big chunk on her knees missing and its piss me off because , well you know, i tough the doll was in great shape, and also she/he said that the doll was in perfect shape condition but the face is more pale than the body, i dont know if its normal..
    7. Queen0fSpades, did you pay her via PayPal? If so, you might file a dispute there until xbxhome gets back in contact with us. You may be able to get your money back, if that's what you want.

      In the mean time, if you have a camera you should post photos of the damage here. I am sorry that you are going through this too.
    8. Well the girl was really cheaper than the one on the website so im a little bit shy to ask about a small refund for the doll but it was not here when I bough her and I think its not fair that I paid for a doll thinking all the week that im gonna have a brand new doll, something that sound not really true because she seem she already got a faceup before and her head is a little bit more pale than the body, look like she had a makeup all the face and that someone retire all the makeup and thats let the face more pale than the body. Unfortunately my mother leave with the cameera so I cant do pictures now but when she will come back I will make some of course.

      I dont really expect a big refund for this but I would like to tell about my transaction with her/him to let know people
    9. It has now been a full week since xbxhome said she'd refund me, and yet she has not been on the board, nor has she read my PMs. I sent her another this morning, along with an email a couple days ago.

      I am really at a loss about what to do. I want a full refund on the body, because my intent was to trade for a long leg, but .. no one is going to trade for a body in poor condition.

      I guess I can only keep hoping and waiting in the mean time.
    10. This is the exact same email response that I got when I complained of the exact same thing with the long leg body I bought.... at least you got bubble wrap mine was not bubbled... it arrived scrunched in a ball at the bottom of the box with a broken leg
    11. Mods -- I see that xbxhome has now been banned, and this is still unresolved. In the off chance she owns up to her mistakes and straightens this out, will she be able to access the forum at least to get in touch with us?
    12. Sorry to double-post, but I thought I'd add that my $50 deposit refund was granted by xbxhome via PayPal, but with a message that included:

      "I don't know what happen to your body, but when I shipping it, it keeps in the condition that I described. The $50 is my furthest value to concede."

      I have to give her credit for being such a bold-faced liar. There is no way the doll underwent yellowing, extensive aging, and crappy sanding during shipping, especially not when wrapped in bubble wrap, however poorly.

      I've sent an email to the two accounts she had provided on her profile to appeal to her good side (if she has one); if anyone else in a dispute with her needs this information, PM me. Or open disputes with PayPal, if you can.