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Resolved Paging xshinatox - is she okay? RESOLVED

Jan 20, 2007

    1. Update: She's back in contact again. :) Thank you everyone!

      I sent a head to xshinatox for a face-up; the package was shown to be delivered on January 3rd and she e-mailed me on the 5th to let me know she'd recieved it. (She apologized for the late e-mail and said that she was busy with school.) That was the last time I heard from her.

      Since January 15th, people have been posting to her commission thread saying that she has not replied to their e-mails or PMs since the 6th. I e-mailed her asking if she was all right on the 18th, after the two weeks max she said it would take her for a face-up, and she has yet to reply.

      edit: She sent another member a PM on the 6th saying that their doll's face-up was almost done and that she would have pictures by the 8th, which obviously did not happen. The member send her PMs on both the 11th and 15th and never recieved a reply, as well as also attempting to IM her and also recieving no response.

      Her eBay account is shown as having listed (non-doll-related) items since the 15th, and I sent her an IM message earlier today. She wasn't idle but didn't respond, so I assumed she was AFK and left a message telling her that we were worried and asking her to let us know that she was okay, and she logged off about an hour later.

      I am not trying to imply anything about her. I want to make this very clear. I'm 100% certain that she really is just very busy and hasn't had a chance to reply or anything. However, her complete lack of contact is very worrying to me, and she is obviously not without Internet.

      If anyone knows her or can get into contact with her in real life, please let her know that we're concerned, and we'd like some reassurance that she's all right, and what the status of our heads are. Thanks! :aheartbea