Resolved Paging YaoiPotato - RESOLVED

Feb 18, 2011

    1. I paid for a Chalco last week and gave her my shipping address on Sunday, I'm not sure if her internet is playing up or something but I'm getting a little anxious to when she will be or if she had shipped him.
      I PM'd on Monday asking when she will ship him and she replied she would ship him on Tuesday (My Wednesday) but I've heard nothing since and now its Friday, so I'm becoming concerned as to what is going on or if she had received my messages concerning it. :(
      This thread is by no means negative feedback, just wanting to know whats going on with the transaction and would love her to contact me.
    2. YaoiPotato was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. She was on yesterday and has still not contacted me :( if I don't hear any news soon about whats going on I'll have to take further action which I don't want to since I just want my doll, I just want one pm back from her or something.
    4. I have now PM'd Hannah with her tracking number. My internet connection is very unstable at times. And I barely had time to retrieve her address before it went down again. The package was sent yesterday.

      I'm so sorry for making her worry :( It was not my intention.
    5. All is good now, I have received a tracking number from YaoiPotato, This thread can be closed happily :)
    6. no idea how to edit but Chalco should be here in a few days, the thread can be closed as it was resolved quite awhile ago ^^;;;
    7. Please update when the doll has arrived. Thanks!
    8. The lovely chalco is now here, I've received him in the condition stated on the thread, I'm happy with how he is and he came with everything. :)