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Paging Yikesitsmindy - RESOLVED

Mar 3, 2010

    1. I purchased a half closed eye K head from this seller and it arrived Feb 25.

      The head arrived dirty, with a smudge on the face, and lots of raised dirt stuck to the head cap. The magnet on the headcap was also unglued. No such damage was disclosed in the original sales thread.

      I PMed Mindy after the head's arrival with the information about the dirt and the magnet and asked her to contact me with what she felt would be a fair resolution of this situation. Knowing that she has trouble checking PMs and getting on DoA I told her that I would give her the weekend to respond. It has since come and gone, and though her profile says she has been online I have received no communication about the dirt and magnet, so though I tried to settle this in private I feel the need to make it public.

      I would like Mindy to contact me with an offer of resolution. I feel a partial refund is in order due to undisclosed damaged and the fact the head arrived dirty.

      I have since cleaned the head, but photographed the dirt should such photos be requested, and I have yet to clean off old glue and re-glue the magnet in to place.
    2. Yikesitsmindy was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'd consider this transaction unresolved. Mindy was online after I PMed her, she hasn't bothered to respond in over two weeks. She told me before the sale that she was no longer very active on DoA so she likely doesn't care about rescuing her feedback rating.
      I'm not going to chase her down.

      Fortunately the dirt all came off the head and I know I'll be able to glue the magnet back into the headcap.

      Please mark this thread as an unresolved problem transaction.
    4. I know it has been a long time, but I was having a hard time when this happened and I would like to fix this now that I am feeling better if I can.
    5. Mindy has PMed me. We are discussing a possible agreement.
    6. I have received an agreeable partial refund for the problem and now consider this transaction resolved.

      Thank you.