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Paging: yoyomy (Mio clothing orders)

Aug 13, 2007

    1. If yoyomy (Mio) is out there it would be very nice if she could please let everyone know what is happening with our orders. I placed a order with a friend here on DoA, May 4, 2007. And we have not heard anything about our order. Messages have been left on Mio's website and no answers from her.

      I also know there are two large group orders out there with Mio. These orders I believe are going on their 5th or 6th month wait.

      I have heard Mio has been sick in the past, if this is the case it would be really nice to know that is going on now. At this point Mio has a LOT of our money. And a little COMMUNICATION from her would be very nice. Mio's work is very high quality and worth a wait...but no updates on orders is very bad business.

      Who is waiting on a order? If you would like to, please state when you placed your order and the number of items ordered. It would be nice to know how many people are waiting on Mio orders.

      Ordered May, 4, 2007 8 items ordered.

    2. I ordered some items from Mio as part of a group order at the beginning of May. While the member that's handling the order has been very communicative, there's been absolutely no word from Mio.

      I'd assumed that our order was taking so long due to the size of it. I wasn't aware others were waiting on items as well. Thanks for starting this thread.
    3. Ordered May 5th, 13 items.
    4. there is also a huge thread on this here


      Mio is extremly talented and has a huge base of customers on DOA .Id say she is just slow at getting orders done. Hang in there though they will be so worth it when they arrive

      I know its tough and a word would be great . however I have no doubt that she will get around to fufilling all orders.. I dont think she would jepodize herself here in the community. and I hope all orders placed will start receiving..
    5. im not saying i dont trust mio. but im just a little worried. i know we paid with paypal and for some of us the 3 month refund thing is up. im just really worried that either she split with the money or is just really sick. i know it happened once, and she got back up on her feet and finished the orders, but this time, atleast a word from her would be nice. it just seems like she's stalling, while only responding to a few people.

      may order (i think) 2 items
    6. Thank you everyone for your input. We haven't heard from Mio as of yet about our order. I just saw that one of the large group orders has shipped and cleared customs. So, that is good news. But news from Mio would be very nice too.


      PS. I had no idea that you could not get a refund from paypal after three months. I wonder if they will still give refunds if you haven't received your merchandise?
    7. My large group order (50+-ish items) was placed on May 5th. I had responses from Mio in May, and they've ceased up through now. I'm feeling a little better to hear that some items have shipped, though it'd still be great to hear about my particular order, or to find out what's happened.
    8. I ordered on May 3rd, 8 items. I left a message on mio's board on July 14th with no reply.

      I'm worried for her health and wonder why she hasn't responded to messages. But I read in the other thread she has been mailing items out.
    9. FYI, you can claim a refund via Paypal for 45 days, not three months. Don't know where people are getting the three months thing. Someone tried to make a claim on me after the 45 days were up and Paypal informed me, but they told the buyer they couldn't help her. I refunded her anyway.
      Maggie (waiting for Mio since May 8)
    10. I ordered some clothes in march and I paid the same day I ordered. In july, Ihad still no response from Mio so I left a message on the board to ask if it was possible to be refund because I had money troubles. She refund me a few days later with apologies. But after that I have seen no messages from her on the board, I think she's very busy but I have no doubt she will send your order some day.
    11. I just wanted to let you guys know that some people received their orders who ordered in May or earlier.
      Like myself, I ordered on the 1st on May and Mio sent out my orders on the 3rd of August and I received them. She also putted a little extra with the clothings. (I ordered 2 pieces but got three so ;)).

      This means, Mio is slowly getting back. ^__^
    12. I ordered from Mio and paid on April 29th. I sent her an inquiry on July 18th and again on August 4th. After my second attempt I received a tracking number and my package arrived within a few days. She included a "gift" item for me too.

      I'm sure she is working as fast as she can, also please remember there is a language barrier.

      Hopefully she is feeling better.
    13. I just saw on Mio's site that she's answered a lot of people's questions on her Q&A board. She told me that the items I ordered from her will be shipped next monday. She was very kind and apologized for the delay. Can't wait to get these beautiful clothes!

    14. We heard from Mio about our order...She said she would be sending it out on September 3...But we never received a EMS tracking number. And as of today NO order received yet. I love Mio's work and style but at this point I'm kind of loosing interest... It would be nice if she would be upfront with her customers.

      In her answer to us on her website when she said the order was shipping out, she also asked us if we wanted to order any other items! If she can't fill her orders she has now why would she ask for more? Maybe she needs some NEW CASH FLOW. Just thought I'd let you guys know that. Very interesting they way she does business.

    15. I agree. Her clothes and work are good, but not worth the wait in my opinion. Honestly, i feel this is bad business. I dont think i'll order from her again. If i could, id get a refund, but if we cant even get our clothes or a response from her, what are the chances of getting a refund.
    16. My order was supposively shipped in the first batch, and I still haven't recieved it. :(
    17. I've gotten no notice yet on the status of my pretty large group order. :( It was made in the beginning of May. It looks like smaller orders made around the same time have been shipped and received - I don't know if there have been any other large group orders at the same time.
    18. Mio emailed me yesterday with a tracking number. I'm so excited!
    19. I got a tracking number on Saturday and the package is being delivered today!! YIpppiieee!!!

    20. She is advertising new clothing and a sale in the News forum. Did everyone get their orders?