Paging Yumedust - RESOLVED

Jul 17, 2008

    1. Well, I tried giving the benefit of the doubt, but now I am very concerned with my transaction with Yumedust. I am experiencing some communication difficulties with her, and decided to page her as one last warning before opening a paypal dispute.

      Here is the general time line of actions since we started this transaction.

      I PMed her on 06/26 to purchase the Juri B head she had for sale. I sent and echeck, and told her that I would let her know as soon as it clears. She replied to me in a timely manner, and said that was fine

      The last time we spoke was on Wednesday July 2nd. This was the PM I sent to her, and her last reply to me:

      Originally Posted by Dybbuk
      Hi Katie!

      Thank you for your patience, I know paypal can take a long time to transfer money. Due to some unforseen circumstances I won't be home when you send off the head. Do not worry, my roommate will be at my address to recieve it! So it really is no big deal, but I wanted to let you know in case it seems like I never recieved him~ I won't have him in my hands till August ><;;

      Thanks again, Please let me know when he has shipped so I can let her know to be on the lookout for a small box. ^^

      Best Regards,

      Hi Natalie!
      thanks for letting me know, sadly I'm super poor right now and will have to wait until the payment transfers to my bank account to mail him, it'll be there by friday for sure


      When Friday rolled around, I recieved no PM, no update, and decided to wait before PM'ing her again. I consider myself a patient person, so I generally don't get concerned very easily because people have their own lives and it can become busy quite easily. However, I finally returned her a PM to check the status of our transaction over a week later giving her plenty of time to recieve the money and hopefully ship the package; at this point money has left my hands, and has gone into hers, and I think a short reply, and explanation of the delay is reasonable.

      I sent her a PM asking politely for an update, on Sunday 7/13. I have not heard from her at all, but looked on her profile and saw that her : Last Activity: was Today 02:50 AM.

      Like I said, I am a patient individual, but when a seller begins to ignore PMs completely, is when I become a little anxious and suspicious of sellers. I would like to hold off before making this a paypal dispute because I would much rather have the doll head than my money back.

      --Yumedust, please get back to me the next time you log in! If something occured to cause the shipping delay I fully understand that sometimes things like that happen, BUT...I do not understand nor appreciate sending someone $100 of my money and not get any reply concerning the whearabouts of my goods. If I do not hear anything from you at the end of the week, I will open a dispute on paypal. I hope it does not come to that, and we can just work this out, but I am letting you know right now so it does not come as a surprise.
    2. I have opened this thread as a desperate attempt to get in contact with user Yumedust. I have dealt with Yumedust once before this transaction, some time ago. At that time I can honestly say that she was one of the nicest, politest people I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with via DoA. For this reason, I have been very hesitant to post something publicly like this; however, I am now at a complete loss as to what else to do.

      I first sent two heads to Yumedust for painting back on 02-8-2008. The heads In question were a SD Suntan F-36 and Elysium Hugo, both rather valuable.

      Despite a few problems both sides of the transaction including illness and problems with the MSC setting, everything went okay after that and we kept in fairly regular contact.

      On 04-15-2008 I sent her the total sum of $150 by Paypal. $50 of which was for ensured postage back to the UK.

      I got a PM from Yumedust on 04-16-2008 promising to send my heads back on the following Thursday. After this message Yumedust disappeared for a long time, supposedly due to personal reasons. She never told me if she had sent the heads off, so I believed that they were still safely in her possession.

      On 05-22-2008 Yumedust replied to a message I sent her saying she had actually posted the heads off some weeks ago by express. I informed her that I had not received them, and asked her for the tracking number for the parcel and the exact date of postage, so that I could try a d find the parcel if it was stuck in customs, or indeed, lost.

      I received two PMs from Yumedust on 05-26-2008 telling me she had lost the tracking number.

      On 05-29-2008 I was informed that the tracking number was found, Yumedust also told me that her post office had told her that the heads had been returned to her because I had not played customs ( I couldn't because without a tracking no. there was no way for me to contact customs. I have since discovered that Parcelforce, the subdivision of royal mail who deal with EMS parcels when they are in the UK, no longer drops of slips for packages that are tracked letting you know they are in customs)

      06-04-2008 Yumedust sent me a message that the heads had got back to her.

      06-26-2008 I sent payment to Yumedust for the heads to be shipped back to me - Yumedust very generously agreeing to pay half of the shipping cost.

      06-27-2008 I got the following message from Yumedust:

      Hi Sapph!
      Thanks very much, and it's really no trouble, I'll be sure to ship him off before monday I'll let you know when I do of course~!

      Take care!

      This has been the last I have heard from her. I haven't had any information on regarding a tracking number or even if the package has actually been shipped or not.

      I have sent PMs to Yumedust asking for communication 3 times over the last few days. I have not had a reply, although he has been online.

      I know that the PM system here on DOA sometimes acts up, for this reason I invite Yumedust to contact me by my email:
    3. I have Yumedust's email address if you'd like it. Just PM me. She tends to answer her emails very quickly. She told me she is on a vacation right now so maybe that's why she's not on DoA too much? I've been in contact with her because I believe my head she sent back to me after getting a faceup from her got lost in the mail... :(
    4. I am updating with some transaction news. After I contacted her through email to ask the status of my order, she told me that she had already shipped my head. I received my head today from Yumedust, which I am very happy with, but overall I was dissatisfied with how the transaction was handled. I will leave the details in her feedback thread. Please leave this thread up for the other two users who are still in a transaction with Yumedust. Thanks!
    5. I have just received my head in the mail too! It wasn't lost, the postal service was just reeeaaallllly slow! My Heath looks super handsome now though so it was worth the wait...
    6. Thanks for the updates!

      Sillypeach, have you gotten any resolution yet?
    7. Yes, the heads arrived at my home a few days ago. Thanks!