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Paging Yuna-Ki - RESOLVED

Jun 22, 2008

    1. I bought a Sooah from Yuna-Ki on the 28th April this year and paid promptly the $515 + $67 shipping from Canada to the UK.
      I was given a tracking number for Canada post, but after 8th May when the site said the parcwel had left Canada there were no further entries.
      I contacted Yuna-Ki to ask if she could contact Canada post as they would only deal with the sender.She replied and told me that Canada Post said they could do nothing until the parcel had been missing for 8 weeks.

      This 8 weeks has been and gone and I have sent 4 messages to Yuna-Ki asking her to trace the parcel but I have had no response from her despite her being active on DofA.
      I notice she hasnt been active for the last two days but was before when I sent the messages.
      I have contacted a Mod and been advised to post this thread here.
      I really dont want to cause unnecessary trouble but the money I sent was an awful lot of money to me which I saved for a long time for a doll that I really wanted, it seems that now I will never see the doll or my money again, I'm really upset and dont know how to proceed.

    2. xinte ~ Yuna-Ki was on the forum this morning. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Thanks Zagzageal, she has finally contacted me, will keep thread updated with progress
    4. Are there any updates as to the status?
    5. Not really Zagzagael, she did contact me over a week ago and asked me to be patient whilst she contacted Canada post but I havent heard anything from her since.I emailed her yesterday to ask for updates .
    6. I contacted the post office again today.

      They have assured me a concrete answer (on whether or not the package can be recovered) within 5 business days.

      If the package is completely lost I will proceed to claim the insured $100 CAD on the package which will be returned to you as soon as possible. They also gave me a open file claim reference number thingy: 62429586 (though I don’t know If it will do you any good at this point :\ )

      As I said before last week I moved into a new apartment that does not have a internet connection. I’ve been stealing the odd (and fairly rare) WiFi signal from my neighbors. This means I will generally be unable to check and send messages all week until the 11th when the cable guy installs my high speed. I will try to check in between then in case you have any concerns so if I don’t reply immediately please don’t worry, I’m defiantly not ignoring you.

      - Nicole
    7. Again I want to make it very clear that I’m extremely sorry for any and all delays. Between moving and dealing with the post office (who I must say has awful customer service) I’ve honestly been trying my hardest. I love this hobby very much and I hate for any of this unfortunate business to happen to any one especially when it’s someone dealing with me.

      We will resolve this one way or another and I will do my best to make it as quick and painless as possible. I truly appreciate all your patience because I know how hard it is to have -any- in such a stressful situation.

      - Nicole
    8. Sooah arrived today after 2 and half months!
      Please understand I have no problem with the fact that the parcel went missing, these things happen, I was more concerned that I had no contact with the seller after numerous emails even though she was still active on DoA.
      Sooah is here now and I'm very happy with her,so I consider the transaction resolved and finalized.
      Many Thanks Admins and Mods for your continued help in this,you do a fantastic job!