Paging Yuna-Ki - RESOLVED

Jun 13, 2009

    1. So I recently bought a Blond MSD wig from Yuna-Ki, I sent her a message letting her know I wanted the wig and she was online many times per day but didn't get back to me for at least a week. Finally when she sent me a PM, she gave me her PP address and said she would be going to the post office the next day so I sent her the money within 24 hours. I also sent her my address.
      I didn't get a response so a day later I PMed her to ask if she had shipped the item. I havent got a response back and I was hoping to get the wig before my doll arrived in the next two weeks.
      It shows on Yuna-Ki's account that she has last been online June 12th at 4:34PM. I sent her a message a few days ago.
      I'm not mad, just worried and thinking Yuna-ki may have internet problems. Please send me a PM and let me know whats going on.
    2. AjaWolff ~ Yuna-ki was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you and I will.
    4. I had shipped it. I sent a message from my Iphone and apparently it didn't go through.

      I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. Again: It has shipped.
    5. Thanks Yuna-Ki!!!
      Would a Mod please lock this thread?
      Everything is now fixed. : )
    6. AjaWolff ~ It would be best to wait for the wig to arrive before you close this thread.
    7. Ok, thanks for the advice. : D
    8. The package has arrived safe and the wig is in good condition, though abit tangled. Not a big problem. : DD
      The thread can be locked now.
      Everything is Solved!!!