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Paging Yuna-Ki

Nov 27, 2011

    1. In October, I was in communication with Yuna-Ki in regards to a doll she was selling on the marketplace here. She and I are both in the same city, so we agreed to do cash transaction in-person and a tentative date was set for the exchange to take place (communication was dropped before the time and place was finalized).

      After initial good communication, she has not responded since late October and she has not logged in since October 23. I provided my email and mobile phone number to her in an earlier PM, but I have no alternate way of contacting Yuna-Ki.

      I’m posting this paging thread in the hope that someone else on the forum knows her and can direct her back to DoA, so that I can get an update on the situation.

      While I am still interested in purchasing her doll, I would like to know if the transaction will still take place. If not, I would still like to know so that I may look for an alternate sale to acquire a similar doll.

      We both agreed to the sale and I don’t want to be a flake before this is resolved. :(
    2. We don't allow Pagings for members in regards to transactions not begun. Please feel free to leave flakey feedback in this member's individual feedback thread.