Resolved Paging Zenfu - RESOLVED

Feb 9, 2008

    1. After being suggested to do this by a mod, I'm now putting out a "Paging" post. I have not been able to get in contact with Zenfu since I've paid him/her. Before agreeing to purchase from Zenfu, I looked at his/her feedback thread. It looked positive, so I'm not wanting to jump to any "Bad seller" conclusions. But the money was received back on the 28th, and that was the last day I had any contact with Zenfu. I was told that the coming Saturday my package would be sent out and as of today, I've still not received it. He/she has been on DOA almost every day and yet I've had no response from him/her to my PM's or the posts I've made on their for sale thread. The item is still listed as "for sale".

      Anyone else having problems with being ignored?
      Link to the sale page:
    2. I know someone has contacted her about the Ira body and didn't had a respond back. I found it wierd as I have dealed with her before and she responded very quickly. I have no idea what happend.
      Did you try contact her through email?
    3. Sint~~~~ Yes, I was in contact with the person trying to buy Zenfu's Ira body. ......o.O but for some reason the post that was here is now deleted.?.?

      I have also received your PM. Thank you for her e-mail. I'm now trying to contact her.
    4. E-mail has been received and I have had contact with him/her. Thank you again "Sint" for your help. It made it easier to reach Zenfu and has helped settle this.

      Zenfu said he/she was sorry to have forgotten to contact me. Saying they sent off the item on the 2nd. And that they "New they were forgetting something".
    5. The package, or envelope.... has been received. It got in today. Thanks again to Sint for giving me Zenfu's e-mail. It proved very helpful in making contact. So all's well that ends well ^_^